Hey, I stole this (--v) from Porygon-Z, and I'm working on changing it...

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ポリゴンZ Patriotfan09
Patriotfan09's filler sprite. Real to be uploaded soon
Age 15
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Trainer class Pokémon Trainer, Gym Leader.
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I'm a user on Bulbapedia.

History 1

History 1-Decline

History 1- Reflection

History 2- Renewed

After then, I have become a big Pokémon fan again, liking the anime(sorta) and the games. I would guess that about 30-40% of my time on teh internets consists of doing Pokémon related things. I would consider my best Pokémon friends (bulba, in no order) to be DCM, MAGNEDETH, Gywall, Tesh, and A-Roz (I don't include Porygon-Z because I don't think he likes me too much). Who knows how long I could last as a fan this time. Hopefully a looong time. Just as long as I don't die of old age. Unfortunately, though, none of my irl friends like Pokémon.

Keeping my Pokémon love a secret from everyone else, outside of the Pokémon world I guess I'm kind of a normal person. I attend high school, hang out with my friends, all that stuff. I like video games, TV, and sports such as hockey and football. And that's it! I'm always glad to help, but you'll have to come to me.

Recent News

So where am I lately? Well, I haven't quit Pokemon, so don't worry about that!
First off, why I'm not playing Platinum/Wi-Fi battling anyone right now:
I have other games I'm playing, but I would still be doing the above if it was not for my Wi-Fi. The reason I don't have WiFi is because I'm lacking a modem. Also, I just got a Xbox 360 for Christmas, and I'm enjoying my beating of the Gears 2 campaign.
Why I'm not editing:
For one, I don't see anything to include. Also, I'm a bit afraid to =/

Pokémon Teams

On Hand [Diamond]

I'll edit in my Diamond teams when I have more time. User:Patriotfan09/Teams

At Home [Diamond]

I think this is a section to list some breeds? I'll get to it later...

On Hand [Platinum]

Coal Badge.pngForest Badge.pngCobble Badge.pngFen Badge.pngRelic Badge.pngMine Badge.pngIcicle Badge.pngBeacon Badge.png Yeah, I have Platinum. I'll put my current team later...

Pages Created

None ^__^ I've created pages before, but they were deleted.


How To Contact Me

You can contact me using the following. Just ask for one of them. AIM MSN Email