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Joined 8 February 2015

Hello. My name is Alex Stewart. I live in Sydney, Australia. My local time is UTC+10, but it is UTC+11 during daylight savings (approximatly November to April). While I am new to Bulbapedia, I have had some experence dealing with mediawiki coding over at Wikia. My central userpage there is [ here], but it is fairly empty. If you urgently need me, please make the request for help on my talk page here and alert me on my message wall (effectivly talk page) on wikia, by simply stating that I am needed on Bulbapedia, without worrying about account creation (you don't need an account to post there, and I will delete the message to remove your ip address from the page. Due to technical difficulties (a screen failure), I may take a while to respond to messages on talk pages, as I can only see what I am doing by connecting my computer to a TV, and I can only do that some of the time.