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The CTV News Crew

The News Crew are a pair of minor characters who appeared in Spell of the Unown: Entei.

The interviewers included one reporter and her supporting cameraman work for a news corporation called CTV. They traveled to Greenfield to report on the peculiar crystallization that was spreading from the Hale mansion. They captured footage of Entei kidnapping Ash's mother and later as Ash and his friends attempted to enter the Hale mansion.

The coverage kept Schuyler, Lisa and Professor Oak informed while they waited inside the local Pokémon Center. Their footage also alerted Ash's Charizard to the crisis, and the Pokémon promptly flew over from the Charicific Valley to assist Ash. The reporter and cameraman continued reporting, but were kept away from much of the action by the crystalline matrix.

After Entei helped destroy the Unown and the crystallization receded, the news crew and their news van were part of a car convoy that traveled to the Hale mansion.

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