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Joined 28 May 2012
Missingno RB.png This user has lost a Pokémon game.
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Hello, random person who decided to visit my userpage, I am PalkiaMaster1. My original account was Palkiamaster, but I barely did anything on it and made it when I was a mere ten years old, and the password has been long forgotten. I remade the account under this name in about 2013, when I got a computer for myself and stopped using my mom's.

My Teams

Gen 1

Red Version

Game lost. Started with Charmander.

Gen 3

Ruby Version

Haven't restarted yet.

Gen 4

Diamond Version

To be restarted.

Platinum Version

To be restarted.

SoulSilver Version

To be restarted.

Gen 5

White Version

To be restarted (noticing a trend yet?)

White 2

To be restarted.

Black 2

To be restarted.

Gen 6


Currently just a Fletchinder and a bunch of Eevee eggs. (Masuda Method shiny hunting)

Omega Ruby

Will be posted when I can be bothered to play it again.