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Joined 16 April 2011

Orcalapras has been editing Bulbapedia since April 16, 2011, contributing mostly to anything anime-related. Shipping, episodes, notable trainers' Pokemon, etc. What can she say? She loves Water, Grass, Ice, and other types in the category of Beautiful, Cute, and Cool. She also thinks Georgia is a sucky name for Langley.

My Short History

I happened to be on Youtube and there happened to be some Pokemon anime episodes...

And I tried out Pokemon Battle Revolution on the Wii...

And then I searched something related to Pokemon...

And I found Bulbapedia.

Actually I don't know how I first heard of the main games. The only things I knew about Pokemon when I watched the anime for the first time was that there was a Pokemon anime and a Pokemon trading card game (That many students even up to fourth grade, and if people still play YUGI-OH!!!! cards in middle school, then I guess they play Pokemon cards more than that in middle school too, allthough I think they're a waste of paper and not worth a cent).

Fondness and Revulsion

I don't have one favorite. I have hundreds. I don't discriminate. Thankfully, I have much less dislike for things than liking for things.

Before Pokemon and Still Continuing


  • Animal: Guess.
  • Time-killers:
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • The internet
  • Colors:
    • Aquamarine (which is in the range of deep sky-blue to lime-green)
    • Blues
    • Greens
    • Purples
    • White


I don't have a #1 or #2 favorite or anything like that for all except starters, but I do have ranking categories with multiple Pokémon in each.

The Starter Lines

1. It was a hard fought match, but I had to choose the Chikorita line, with it's smooth Beauty, Cuteness, and Cool factor staying in for Bayleef aaaand Meganium. Take note that these are just my opinions, please.

2. Piplup's line came second because of the bumpy designing Prinplup took. Is it just me, or are the second evos in a three-evo line the awkwardest looking most of the time? However, Piplup is extremely adorable and Empoleon's face trident was a definite yes.

The Superlatives (no particular order)

  • Mantyke and Mantine: Cool and Adorable. There should be a Mantyke Pillow Plushie if they don't already have one.