Reasons I am the 1# Pokémon fan

  1. 50 Pokémon songs on i-pod
  2. 13 videos on Pokémon on Youtube
  3. Try to make work at school Pokémon related
  4. Did a Pokémon presentation at school
  5. Made a Lucario bookmark at school
  6. Pokémon pencil case
  7. Pokémon ruler
  8. Friends believe me
  9. Mum and Dad say I’m Pokémon obsessed all the time
  10. Had to have a break from Pokémon for a fortnight when I was doing a test
  11. User name on Bulbapedia, a Pokémon encyclopaedia, No.1fan
  12. My nickname is Sonic Pikachu
  13. Literally 1000s of Pokémon cards
  14. Also cards all over house
  15. Got Pokémon Megabloks
  16. I made a Pokémon quilt at school
  17. There’s Pokémon stickers all over my room
  18. Pokémon curtains at home
  19. Pokémon quilt, on my bed
  20. Literally 100s Pokémon plush toys in real life (also on the game)
  21. Pokémon pillows
  22. I’ve got a giant box just for Pokémon toys
  23. About 10 Pokémon money boxes all over house
  24. I made a Pokémon totem pole at Scouts
  25. Lots of Pokémon Xmas decorations
  26. Loads of Pokémon board games
  27. LOADS of Pokémon games
  28. Special addition Pokémon Game Boy Colour
  29. Pokémon stickers all over DS
  30. Pokémon DS case
  31. ♥ I’ve loved it since I was 3 ♥
  32. I used to want to change my name to Ash
  33. Actually, for some reason, I still do
  34. Cried and cried and cried when I found out the Pokémon Center in New York had changed into STUPID Nintendo World
  35. Complained LOADS about above
  36. Literally 100s of Pokémon magazines
  37. 5 songs about Pokémon on Youtube
  38. Invented SASOP (Sing A Song Of Pokémon)
  39. Every single E-mail to Nintendo or Pokémon Company ends in (my name), Pokémon 1# fan
  40. Favourite number-25
  41. 2 games for Generation II and IIII
  42. 3 games for Generation I (if you count Leaf Green) and III
  43. Got Pokémon Diamond the day it came out in the UK
  44. 20 electronic games when I get XD Gale of Darkness
  45. It runs in the family- nearly everyone likes it
  46. Completed every Generation at least once
  47. 2 Pokémon mugs I personally decorated
  48. 4 Pokémon plates
  49. 2 Pokémon mugs not decorated by myself
  50. 2 Pokémon bowls
  51. 2 Pokémon cups
  52. Pokémon 2008 calendar
  53. Got Pokémon Battle Revolution
  54. It is so AWSOME! Hardly anyone thinks that though
  55. Pokémon background on PC
  56. Pokémon slippers
  57. Pokémon Nintendo 64 Limited edition
  58. Always obsessed at finding Pokémon at car boot sales
  59. A day never goes by without me saying Pokémon
  60. A day never goes by without me thinking Pokémon
  61. Lots of Pokémon parties
  62. Also, lots of Pokémon cakes
  63. My Mum had to bake me one once
  64. Pokémon ERASERS!!! (:P Jbrit)
  65. Pokémon t-shirts- lots
  66. Pokémon towels
  67. Pokémon dressing gown
  68. Pokémon balloons
  69. Pokémon SP cover
  70. Pikachu cap
  71. Lots Pokémon caps
  72. Pokémon wallet
  73. Pokémon gift cards
  74. Pokémon clock
  75. Pokémon DS bag
  76. Pokémon bag
  77. Pokémon posters-lots
  78. Pokémon based site (
  79. Above first called
  80. Made Pokémon wallet in school
  81. Made Pokémon theme tune on Mario Paint Sequencer
  82. Pokémon Staks
  83. Pokémon Waps
  84. Pokémon Metal Tags
  85. Got every single Pokémon movie apart from 2
  86. Watched every single movie apart from 1
  87. Loads of Pokémon toys
  88. Lots of Pokémon marbles
  89. Pokémon swimming bag
  90. Make lots of powerful decks
  91. I’ve got about 10 intact decks (mine and theme)
  92. Pokémon flannel
  93. I’ve introduced it to people who hadn’t even heard of it
  94. The next day, those people would come back with Pokémon toys!
  95. Lots of Pokémon annuals
  96. Lots of Pokémon books
  97. Pokémon watch
  98. Pokémon pencils
  99. Pokémon link cable
  100. Ordered not subscribed to Pokémon World mag (yay!!)
  101. Caterpies Aren't Bad!
  102. I don't go BRAGGING about it.
  103. My emblem on MarioKartDS is a Charizard
  104. Pokémon stickers all over DS
  105. Pokémon Guess who
  106. Animal Crossing: Wild World Person called Red town called Pallet
  107. Once spent over $100 on JUST Pokémon in a OUTLET toy shop in Florida. In one visit.
  108. Why would I make this list if I wasn’t?