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Joined 14 September 2009
Night-Fire Night-Fire
The One of a Kind Trainer
Age 15
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Hometown Viridian City
Region Kanto
Relatives Wes
Trainer class Collector


I started coming to Bulbapedia when I was dared to watch every episode of the Pokemon anime by my friend. You see, after a couple episodes I noticed errors so I searched to see if anyone else saw them. Eventually my search led me to this website. Since I have researched and read about the episodes I've seen, the game I play, the Pokemon I like, and much more. I love Bulbapedia and plan on contributing a lot in my stay.


My Pokémon

I love each and every one of my Pokemon, but my favorites include:



Unlike a great number of trainers who train their Pokemon to be level 100 I only train mine to be about 70-75. I do this because I use the majority of my time breeding my Pokémon to know great moves and collect all my favorites/rare ones. One more thing I don't do that most trainers do is I don't use legendary Pokemon in battle. I model this after Ash.


If I had to name the thing I love most about Pokémon it would be the anime. The Pokémon anime is my all-time favorite TV show. I remember waking up on Saturday mornings to watch the show, or rushing home from school knowing it'd be on.

My favorite character from the Pokémon anime would be Tracey Sketchit. I love his personality, clothing style, and Pokemon. Venonat, Marill, and Scyther are all fantastic Pokémon. Also, being a Pokémon Watcher seems like such a wonderful hobby. My other favorite characters include Snap and Ritchie.


Handheld Games

At one time or another I have owned every handheld Pokémon game, from Red Version to Platinum Version. After selling some of the games I now only have Fire Red Version, Emerald Version, and Platinum Version. I cannot wait for the release of Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions. I plan on getting HeartGold to relive the experience of playing Gold Version, my favorite Pokémon handheld game.

Platform Games

When it comes to the games for systems my favorite is definitely Pokémon Colosseum. It's main character, Wes, is my favorite character from any Pokémon game. I also like him because he has an Espeon and an Umbreon, I like both very much. I primarily like this game though for it's plot. It has a magnificent storyline that no other game at the time could compare too.


A new thing I am slowly getting into is making sprites. Whether it is making a Pokémon look as though it is a different type or completely morphing two or three Pokémon I love making sprites. Eventually I will show pictures of the ones I made.


  • I have been to Nintendo Events in New York.
  • I enjoy making custom video game boxes using PhotoShop for a different website called VGBoxArt. I have made a box for Pokémon Heart Gold and made-up Pokémon game called Pokémon Thunder Yellow Version.
  • I watch at least three episodes of the anime a day

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