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Joined 8 June 2008

Major Information

  • Real Name: Timothy (TIM) Jon José Stoker
  • Location: Hampton Park, Victoria, Australia
  • Hometown: Clayton, Victoria, Australia
  • Birthday: January 6th, 1988
  • Occupation: Between Jobs

Physical Statistics

  • Height: 6'6"/199cm
  • Weight: 255.2lbs/116kgs
  • Eyes: Dark Brown - Green
  • Hair: Long Dark Brown (Almost Black)

About Him

Just a little to get the ball rolling.

He is a self-proclaimed creature of the night, not the whole unholy ceremony thing, just a person who works and functions better the later or earlier, depending on your viewpoint, a night progresses.You know what they say; "No rest for the wicked".

One of his core beliefs is that for the overall fulfillment of life and enrichment of the soul, one thing must be done, and that is to continually challenge your own conscious minds perception and description of reality.

His life consists of one unparalleled goal, the most fundamental desire of humanity, that is to know all that he can. For if the old adage "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER", is true then with this knowledge he will have complete control over his own existence.

He loves thinking about and discussing everything under the sun to great depths. He can think of nothing more fulfilling than having great long and interesting conversations about anything you can think of!

He thinks of himself as highly cynical about most things. He likes to think of himself as counter culture.

He would define his religious beliefs as Devout Polytheological Agnosticism

Personal Profile

  • Interests: Pokémon, Star Trek, Babylon 5, The World Wrestling Federation (more particularly, The Undertaker), Anime, $$$$$$$, darkness, the Gothic world, fine alcohol, good food, matters of the soul, SCIENCE FICTION & nostalgia.
  • Disinterests: Music (RAP, HIP HOP, Modern R&B), The John Howard Government. Incompetence, foolishness, naïvety, hatred, exploitation, malevolence, People unworthy of their status.

Places He Lived

1.) Keysborough, Victoria, Australia (until August 6th, 2004).
2.) Hampton Park, Victoria, Australia (August 6th, 2004 - Present).


Grad Schools

  * Impact Creativity Centre '07
     Diploma of Database Design & Development
  * Chisholm Institute of TAFE '06
     VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education)
  * Impact Creativity Centre '05
     Certificate III in Multimedia

High School

  * Chandler Secondary College '05

Pokémon Teams

I have more than 20 other teams located in games throughout all four generations, as such other teams I list here will be only those deemed worthy of being displayed here.

Fire Red

As of May 17, 2007.


(ALL @ LV.100)
Charizard Item Held: Charcoal
Ability: Blaze
Nature: Lonely
HP: 296 ATK: 213 DEF: 174 SP.ATK: 236 SP.DEF: 199 SPD: 274
Moveset: -Flamethrower -Rock Slide -Wing Attack -Metal Claw
It was My original Starter Pokémon Back in 2005 And I think it does pretty well all round. (05/12/09: I still have it to this day, although it now resides as part of Kanto starter team on Diamond (a game i have yet to reset once after nearly two years)).

Vaporeon Item Held: Mystic Water
Nature: Sassy
Ability: Water Absorb
Hp: 385 ATK: 172 DEF: 160 SP.ATK: 246 SP.DEF: 244 SPD: 161
Moveset: -Surf -Aurora Beam -Water Pulse -Bite.
A sturdy SP. Defender with enough fire power to make any opponent think twice.

Exeggutor nothing held
Nature: Relaxed
Ability: Chlorophyll
HP:320 ATK:270 DEF:210 SP.ATK:277 SP.DEF:144 SPD:133
Moveset: -SolarBeam -Psychic -Hypnosis -Sunny Day.
I will call this one an attempted annoyer type, something that both damages and hinders opposing progression.

Tyranitar nothing held
Nature: Timid
Ability: Sand Stream
HP:340 ATK:269 DEF:265 SP.ATK:220 SP.DEF:221 SPD:198
Moveset: -Hyper Beam -Earthquake -Crunch -Rock Slide.
I had to have a pseudo Legendary on this team, even if I had to wait until long after the elite four, I feel that it fills a small hole in the team really well.

Nidoking nothing held
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Poison Point
Hp:280 ATK:245 DEF:195 SP.ATK:194 SP.DEF:188 SPD:230
Moveset: -Megahorn -Earth Power -Double Kick -Poison Sting.
A great pokémon to have in the lead up to the elite four, and to tell you the truth it just stuck with me.


(ALL LV.100)
Ninetales nothing held
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Flash Fire
HP:275 ATK:183 DEF:181 SP.ATK:201 SP.DEF:238 SPD:303
Moveset: -Flamethrower -Will-O-Wisp -Grudge -Confuse Ray.
Something to give everyone an itch they just can't quite scratch with enough PP on flamethrower to hold in there for a long time as well.

Lapras nothing held
Nature: Bashful
Ability: Shell Armor
HP:412 ATK:224 DEF:185 SP.ATK:215 SP.DEF:236 SPD:197
Moveset: -Sheer Cold -Hydro Pump -Ice Beam -Surf.
Much the same as the Vaporeon but with more emphasis on the devastation side of things.

Electabuzz nothing held
HP:283 ATK:184 DEF:128 SP.ATK:260 SP.DEF:190 SPD:305
Moveset: -Thunder -ThunderPunch -Swift -Light Screen.
A good electric Type, with enough defense to stick around and enough Sp Attack to make flying; steel; and water thick twice.

Jynx nothing held
HP:302 ATK:147 DEF:101 SP.ATK:245 SP.DEF:209 SPD:263
Moveset: -Blizzard -Confusion -Ice Punch -Fake Tears.
Quite Frankly the first time I have ever used a JYNX in any game, I have been playing Pokémon since 1997. So I thought I would Give her a shot.

Venomoth nothing held
Ability:Shield Dust
HP:297 ATK:166 DEF:132 SP.ATK:198 SP.DEF:188 SPD:271
Moveset: -Psychic -Poison Powder -Psybeam -Gust.
Venomoth has served me well in the past as both a sweeper and as an annoyance and I couldn't go without one here.


(ALL LV.82)
Charizard Held Item: Lax Incense
Nature: Hardy
Ability: Blaze
HP:242 ATK:156 DEF:155 SP.ATK:232 SP.DEF:183 SPD:217
Moveset: -Blast Burn -Flamethrower -Rock Slide -Wing Attack.
I thought I would see how Charizard held up with out the steel type attack at his disposal and the replacement of it with Blast Burn worked a treat.

Octillery nothing held
Nature: Quiet
Ability: Suction Cups
HP:229 ATK:201 DEF:150 SP.ATK:233 SP.DEF:152 SPD:99
Moveset: -Hyper Beam -Surf -Ice Beam -Psybeam.
A well balanced all rounder, not to fast, bust enough diversity in movset so that it could go up against nearly anything.

Electabuzz nothing held
Nature: Relaxed
Ability: Static
HP:201 ATK:148 DEF:112 SP.ATK:211 SP.DEF:200 SPD:191
Moveset: -Thunderbolt -ThunderPunch -Swift -Light Screen.
I found the original Thunder was to inaccurate and had stupidly utilized the only TM18 i had so I thought thunderbolt would give me a cleaner battle and it did.

Dragonite nothing held
Nature: Hardy
Ability: Inner Focus
HP:258 ATK:249 DEF:182 SP.ATK:232 SP.DEF:213 SPD:163
Moveset: -Hyper Beam -Outrage -Wing Attack -Dragon Rage.
Yet again I felt the need for a powerhouse, and like all Pseudo-Legendaries Dragonite did not do me wrong .

Victreebel nothing held
Nature: Serious
Ability: Chlorophyll
HP:251 ATK:199 DEF:124 SP.ATK:215 SP.DEF:139 SPD:161
Moveset: -Sludge Bomb -Razor Leaf -Acid -Sleep Powder.
Much the same as the JYNX really I just wanted to trial it and see where it would take me.

Other Information