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  • Name : On Internet, Everyone call me "Nechigawara".
  • Birthday : 19/06/1992
  • Age : 19
  • Hometown : Bangkok, Thailand

About Me

Hello,I'm a noob Pokémon fan. I know about Pokémon for 2 years from the Anime. First Pokémon 's Game I played and Ended it is Ruby. Now,I go on to play the Soul Silver (I Never Play Gen II Ended T^T). I'm come from Thailand.


I come here for looking some Pokémon Data. But, If something I know can't found here, I will few them.

My Favorite Pokémon 's Character

Special Manga


Anime Not Yed ^^"

My Pokémon Team

Note : For Gen III/IV/V Team, Most Pokémons had transferred to My X Save. Sorry ^^.

X Team

Ps. Sorry For My Bad English ^^". My country doesn't use English as native language.