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Here are my assortment of Character name predictions for the main series games. I put their Japanese then followed by my predictions. When they are revealed I'll update them and then give my honest opinion about the names.

BW Characters

Sprite Japanese Name Predicted Name Reasoning Real Name Response
Juniper BW Intro.png Professor Araragi Professor Camellia Sounds like a female Professor name since Ivy is gone Professor Juniper I actually kind of like this name
Makomo Holly From American Holly (Poinsettia) which causes drowsiness when the berries are consumed. BTW it's poisonous so don't really eat them Fennel  ? Interesting choice
Shoro Megan From megabytes. I think it fits well with her appearance Amanita Why a poisonous mushroom? Why break the pattern now NoA?
VSBianca.png Bel Belle They probably won't change it much Bianca Oh okay, not bad
VSCheren.png Cheren Cheren They probably won't change it Cheren Figures
HilbertChallenge.png Toya Blake Sounds the closest to Black Hilbert Seriously? Why that?!
HildaChallenge.png Toko Whitley Whitney was already taken, next closest girl name to white Hilda Really? Like Hilda the Hippo?
VSCilan.png Dent Oliver From the Pokemon ability Overgrow. I kept this parallel for the Striaton Brothers. Cilan Well it sounds less odd than what I said.
VSChili.png Pod Blaze From Blaze. Chili Meh
VSCress.png Corn Tory From Torrent Cress Not my cup of tea, but it's okay
VSLenora.png Aloe Norma From Normal Lenora Very nice name, pretty good
VSBurgh.png Arti Anton or Arthur Ant for Anton (thank you Prof. Layton!), Arthropod for Arthur Burgh What is this?! I don't even...
VSElesa.png Kamitsure Ellie From electricity etc. Elesa Good enough for me
VSClay.png Yacon Craig or Clay Craig, a deep rock chasm. Clay, moldable earthen material Clay Nailed it! but Craig to me fits better. By the way, southern style speaking, cowboy hat wearing male named Clay? Xiaolin Showdown anyone?
VSSkyla.png Furo Heather, Skye, or Skylar Heather=Heaven/Feather. Skye/Skylar=Sky Skyla Close enough. They're just lazy to type one little "r".
VSBrycen.png Hachiku Bryce My friends name is Bryce (has Ice sound in it) so I though it'd be cool Brycen I guess the "n" was to prevent him from being confused with Pryce. Meh close enough.
VSIris.png Iris Iris No change most likely Iris Uh huh, knew it.
VSDrayden.png Shaga Draco Draco, Yes I know it's unimaginative, but it's all I can think of Drayden Less obvious than my guess
VSShauntal.png Shikimi Willow From Will-O-Wisp, also the Willow tree is often used in scary movies right? Shauntal Wow sounds like one of my friends names. Haunt huh? Could have gone with Chaunte or something. Just sayin'.
VSGrimsley.png Gima Jack Jackal, also a rank of playing card since he is a gambler. Grimsley Oh dear God why?! Of all of the...seriously NoA?
VSCaitlin.png Cattleya Caitlin It's her name from the Battle Frontier Caitlin If NoA didn't catch this I would have laughed my a** off.
VSMarshal.png Renbu Bruce, Jackie, Marshal Bruce from Bruce Lee (Come on! We need to honor him in this game!), Jackie from Jackie Chan, Marshal from Martial Arts Marshal Yup, though so. Come on though NoA! This would have been a prime time to use Bruce!
VSAlder.png Adeku Alder Similar enough, sound like elder since he seems wise and a bit older than past champions Alder Uh huh.
VSN.png N N No change of course N Uh-huh...didn't even cross my mind
VSGhetsis.png G-Cis (Gechisu) No clue Hard to predict such a shady character Ghetsis Sounds legit.

BW2 Characters

This list is for completely new characters for Black and White 2.

Sprite Japanese Name Predicted Name Reasoning Real Name Response
VSColress.png Akuroma Arcadia Dunno why really, sounds kinda the same no? Colress Cool enough for me
NateChallenge.png Kyouhei Blake Same as above for Hilbert Nate Well they kept the parallel with Japanese so I'm all for this.
RosaChallenge.png Mei Whitley Same as Hilda Rosa Same as above. At least the protagonists don't have derpy names like Hilda or Hibert
VSHugh.png Hue Hugh Closest english name Hugh Yup
VSRoxie.png Homika Mia From Miasma Roxie Actually a pretty good name. Good job NoA.
VSMarlon.png Shizui Sean From Ocean Marlon Why not go Marlin then?
Professor Burnett Professor Burnett simple enough to keep the way it is. Professor Burnett Yup
VSBenga.png Banjirou Atlas Like his grandpa, keeping the moth theme. Atlas Moth Benga hurr durr