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As soon as my Wi-Fi is up and running I will trade any of the pokémon, or Eggs listed on my User:MysteryHeff? page. You may make offers now but I will not be able to trade with you for a few days or so. You may make offers on this page or on the discussion for this page, either one is fine.

Thank You

I would like to trade for the Suicine or RaikouC Is for Cookie

I'll trade A lvl 100 ♀ typlholsian for Suicune Raiku Chickorita Or Totidile Or all of them. I have 6 lvl 100 ♀ typlholsians.--Grungle7 14:29, 13 August 2009 (UTC)

I would like the Charizard. I would trade a Poliwrath for it or, just ask me for a Poké. Full ofQuestions