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Sword & Shield chapter 1
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Round number 15
Location Wild Area
Previous Round PS014
Next Round PS016


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The chapter starts off in the Galar wild area, where Marvin is observing a Galarian Zigzagoon. He mentions how they look way different from the ones back at his region. Suddenly he notices a giant Pangoro walking trough the field. He chases after it until it disappears and he falls off a cliff. Before he hits the ground he's saved by Sōdo's Sirfetch'd. He falls on the ground and lands on his head, knocking him unconscious. When he wakes up he is frightened by the ball guy mask and starts running. It is later revealed that Shirudomiria Tate was under the mask. Professor Magnolia tells Schilly to stop messing around and Marvin asks to see Sodo. They head into his trailer and Marvin thanks him. After that they start up a dynamax simulator but Marvin's to scared to do it.

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