I have been looking around Bulbapedia for years, but I never really decided to join until 2011 since these wikis can get pretty addicting. I first got into Pokémon in 2004, when I saw a friend playing Pokémon Ruby. At that point, I was never really interested in Pokémon, but then I saw how fun it looked, and begged my parents for Pokémon Ruby, and it's been an obsession ever since.


Eeveelutions Team
This is my favorite team to use on PBR. It consists of the Eeveelutions, some of my favorite Pokémon, but as you can see, Jumpluff and Cherrim are in here. Leafeon and Glaceon are supposed to be in here, but I'm training them so I replaced them with those 2 for now.

Other Pokémon used on this team

Grass Unknown
Leaf Guard
Held item:
  Insect Plate
Leafeon Lv.76
Leaf Blade
Grass Physical
Bug Physical
Swords Dance
Normal Status
Normal Status

Ice Unknown
Snow Cloak
Held item:
  Chople Berry
Glaceon Lv.71
Ice Special
Ice Beam
Ice Special
Shadow Ball
Ghost Special
Mirror Coat
Psychic Special