A Formal Apology

Can I use that word, "formal"? It's quite unfitting as compared to the bile spewed by this account a couple years ago. Anyway, I was once a child. A child that didn't understand that informational websites are for information, not for my own personal expression of character that nobody actually cares about. While I might normally look back at my past and be disappointed, I went through an entire rethinking of my life some time ago, causing me to regret nearly everything I've ever done before 2011.

Anyway, on to the "apology" part.

I'm sorry to the admins.

I'm sorry for thinking that I was above the rules.

I'm sorry for breaking them.

I'm sorry for putting my user page before the rest of the site.

I'm sorry for entirely missing the point of this site and trying to create a description of myself instead of helping the effort.

I'm sorry for creating this account without actually having any purpose.

I'm sorry for creating an account on the same IP and with the same signature style as this one to modify my page as if that were important.

I'm sorry to MAGNEDETH.

I'm sorry for trying to befriend you without knowing you.

I'm sorry for trying to steal your page's ideas.

I'm sorry for not realizing you were an admin on this site before anything else.

I'm sorry for not adding the information that I actually happen to have.

I'm sorry for acting as if I were helping this site any by joining a group or visiting the pages a bunch.

I'm sorry for not even doing the research that I could've used correctly.

In summary, I'm sorry for... this account. Adieu.