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There exist many rumors around glitches and Glitch Pokémon in the Pokémon universe. On this page, many of them shall be debunked. Or confirmed.

Rumor Status Comments
Seeing or capturing Missingno. will wreck your game. FALSE Probably the oldest rumor out there. It still holds strong amongst newbies, as in this day and age, the old Red and Blue versions are conking out due to old age and people are quick to blame Missingno. for this. Missingno. scrambles the sprites and screws over the Hall of Fame, sure, but the first is easily fixed and the second is actually entertaining. This is the extent of Missingno.'s damage to the game.
If a Missingno. is caught and sent to Bill's PC, the game will freeze if you try to withdraw it. FALSE This does happen, but not with Missingno.. The culprit is a lv. 0 Pokemon. As 'M are the only lv. 0 Pokemon found in the wild, Missingno. became the subject of this rumor.
Missingno. can evolve into Kangaskhan. FALSE That would be 'M. Not Missingno.. Fans often confuse the two.
'M is a kind of Missingno. FALSE Despite the obscene amount of similarity between the two, 'M and Missingno. are completely unrelated.
.4 wrecks your game. FALSE Poor .4 is the subject of much fear and/or hatred in the Pokémon world because of this foolish rumor. The culprit is .4's precarious starting move, Super Glitch. Overwriting Super Glitch with another move will render .4 completely safe to train and use in battle.
Depositing a Glitch Pokémon in the PC, looking at its stats, and withdrawing it will turn it into a Rhydon. HALF-TRUE This works. Sort of. Firstly, it must not be a Hybrid Glitch Pokémon. Secondly, the Rhydon in question is a hybrid itself. It has the sprite, type, TM/HM compatibility and level up moves of a Rhydon, but the stats of whatever Glitch Pokémon it once was. To turn it back into the original Glitch Pokémon, leave it at the daycare and withdraw it. This trick is good for teaching Glitch Pokémon moves they can't normally learn (I used this to teach my own Missingno. Hyper Beam, which it does not usually learn.
Capturing Missingno. scrambles the sprite graphics. FALSE What happens is, innocent fans capture Missingno., and are quick to check the stats of their new teammate. And THAT'S what does it. Looking at the stats of a non-Hybrid Glitch Pokémon will scramble the sprites.
When the sprite's graphics are scrambled and releasing Missingno. won't fix it, you must restart your game. FALSE Damn you, Nintendo. You do NOT need to restart your game. You don't even need to release Missingno.! All you must do is view the stats of an "official" Pokémon, or a Hybrid Glitch Pokémon. That fixes it right up. And anyway, these sprite glitches are aesthetic only. They don't impact or endanger gameplay whatsoever.

If I missed any rumors, TELL ME!