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User:Minimiscience/Rough Outline of ORAS

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  • Delta Episode
    • A meteoroid is detected heading straight for Hoenn; Zinnia is revealed
    • Be returned to Littleroot Town
    • Get Pair of Tickets to the star show in Mossdeep from Norman and be told to invite your rival to come with you; meet Zinnia outside your house
      • If you afterwards re-enter and exit your house, Prof. Birch will be attacked by a Shroomish on R101, and you will get to choose a Johto starter to save him with
    • Visit your rival's house and find out Zinnia stole his/her Key Stone and is headed for Petalburg City next
    • Petalburg City: Magma Admin CourtneyOR/Aqua Admin MattAS tries to get Wally to hand over his Key Stone, and you battle, after which Steven calls you on the PokéNav Plus to ask you to meet him at the Devon Corporation
    • Devon Corporation in Rustboro City: Mr. Stone asks you to get a Meteorite Shard from Granite Cave
    • Battle Zinnia in Steven's room in Granite Cave and get the Meteorite Shard
    • Bring the Meteorite Shard to Steven and Prof. Cozmo in the Mossdeep Space Center and be told you'll also need to get another meteorite shard from Meteor Falls
    • Meet Steven and Zinnia's grandmoth in Meteor Falls and find out about the Draconid people's history with Rayquaza; Steven heads back to Devon
    • Battle three villainous grunts in a row outside the Devon Corporation who are attacking the Devon employee, and find out they stole a dimensional shifter and are headed for the Mossdeep Space Center
    • Mossdeep Space Center: Battle a horde of villainous grunts and have a tag battle with Steven against Courtney/Matt & a grunt; Zinnia then shows up, destroys the dimensional shifter, exposits about an alternate Hoenn without Mega Evolution, steals the villainous admin's Key Stone, and then heads for the villainous hideout near Lilycove
    • Go through the villainous hideout to the leader's room, where you see Zinnia steal his Key Stone and announce that she will be heading to Sky Pillar to summon Rayqauaza; MaxieOR/ArchieAS then gives you his CameruptiteOR/SharpedoniteAS
    • Speak to Steven in the Mossdeep Space Center again; he tells you to speak to Wallace in the Cave of Origin about entering Sky Pillar
    • Speak to Wallace outside the Cave of Origin; he tells you to meet him outside Sky Pillar
    • Battle Wallace outside Sky Pillar
    • Ascend Sky Pillar as Zinnia relates the history of the Pillar and Rayquaza to you. When you reach the top, she summons Rayquaza and tries to make it Mega Evolve but soon discovers the only power source that can accomplish this is the Meteorite in your bag, which Rayquaza swallows.
    • Last chance to save before the end of the Delta Episode!
    • Capture Rayquaza and be forced to add it to your party (It automatically moves to the front)
    • Zinnia teaches Rayquaza Dragon Ascent
    • Zinnia battles you
    • You ride Rayquaza into space and smash the meteoroid apart; a level 80 Deoxys emerges from the meteoroid and battles you
    • Whole bunch of cut scenes
    • The End
  • You return to your room in Littleroot Town
    • Norman gives you the S.S. Ticket
    • Talk to your mom to obtain LatiasiteOR/LatiositeAS
    • Exit your house to find Prof. Birch running from a delivery Machoke on R101, and you will get to choose a Unova starter to "save" him with
  • Defeat the Elite Four a second time
  • You return to your room in Littleroot Town; exit your house to find Prof. Birch running from his wife on R101, and you will get to choose a Sinnoh starter to "save" him with