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Sevii Islands, Part 1

This quest can be done at any time after it first becomes available and is not necessary for defeating the Elite Four.

  • Bill takes you from Cinnabar Island to One Island and introduces you to Celio, and they get to work on the Network Machine
  • Bill gives you the Meteorite to deliver to the owner of the Joyful Game Corner on Two Island, the Tri-Pass, and an extra page for the Town Map
  • Visit the Joyful Game Corner on Two Island and get asked to find the owner's daughter Lostelle on Three Island first
  • Defeat the Bikers and Cue Ball terrorizing Three Island
  • Find Lostelle in Berry Forest and defeat the Hypno scaring her, after which you both go back to the Joyful Game Corner
  • Give the Meteorite to Lostelle's father and get a Moon Stone as a reward
  • Talk to Bill & Celio on One Island and return to Cinnabar Island

Sevii Islands, Part 2

This quest becomes available after obtaining the National Pokédex and must be completed in order to trade with non-FRLG games, rematch the Elite Four, and access Cerulean Cave.

  • Talk to Celio in the Pokémon Net Center on One Island; he asks for help completing the Network Machine
  • Battle two Team Rocket Grunts on Mt. Ember and then go through the cave they were blocking to get the Ruby
  • Give the Ruby to Celio, who then replaces your Tri-Pass with the Rainbow Pass (allowing access to the rest of the Sevii Islands) and gives you the last two Town Map pages
  • Go through Icefall Cave on Floe (Four) Island, get HM07 (Waterfall), use it to access the back of the cave where Lorelei is confronting Team Rocket, and help her defeat them
  • Try to get the Sapphire in the Dotted Hole on Fortune (Six) Island, only for Gideon to steal it out from under you
  • Go through the Rocket Warehouse on Chrono (Five) Island, defeat Gideon, and get the Sapphire
  • Give the Sapphire to Celio on One Island, thereby completing the Network Machine and allowing trading with RSE