User:Mikoro/Double Battle Strategies (Part 2)

Part 1

Mr. Mime & Abomasnow

Have Abomasnow use Role Play on Mr. Mime so it can get Filter. Abomasnow has a lot of weaknesses (7, to be exact), so you can limit damage from those super-effective attacks with Filter. Also, Mr. Mime and Abomasnow both have attacks that will give them some defense against all of their weaknesses (given the type of Abomasnow's Hidden Power is Ground).

Banette & Froslass

Both Banette and Froslass have Cursed Body, so if your opponents use moves that make direct contact, there's a pretty good chance that the move will be disabled. They can both also use Disable to further this effect even more (I would recommend making the type of Froslass' Hidden Power either Ground or Fighting to protect her from 4 of her 5 weaknesses, and make Banette's Bug to protect it from both of its weaknesses).

Blissey & Bellossom

Both Blissey and Bellossom have Healer, so they both have chances of curing each other of status ailments at the end of each turn. So, both of them can use Rest and have a chance of waking each other up at the end of the turn. If not, than they can both use Snore. You can also put the status ailments on your opponents with Thunder Wave and Toxic.

Weavile & Shiftry

Both Weavile and Shiftry have Pickpocket, Thief and Knock Off, so your opponents won't have their items for long. Also, after stealing your opponents' items, you can use Fling to give them right back along with some damage.

Rhyperior & Carracosta

Both Rhyperior and Carracosta have Solid Rock, so they will have some protection from all of their weaknesses. They also both have moves that are super-effective on Pokemon with types of their weaknesses to further provide them protection.

Glalie & Vanilluxe

Both Glalie and Vanilluxe have Ice Body, so when Glalie uses Hail, they will both keep gaining HP. Also, Blizzard won't miss, and Weather Ball will become an Ice-type move and get a boost.

Kangaskhan & Exploud

Both Kangaskhan and Exploud have Scrappy, so they will be able to use all of their moves in succession even when against Ghost-types.

Drapion & Chimecho

Have Chimecho use Entrainment on Drapion so Drapion can get Levitate. Since Drapion's only weakness is Ground, giving it Levitate will make it so it has no weaknesses. Drapion can also use Earthquake without damaging Chimecho because of its ability.

Crobat & Whimsicott

Both Crobat and Whimsicott have Infiltrator, so they will be able to get past the effects of Light Screen, Reflect, Mist, and Safeguard. If both of their abilities get negated for whatever reason, you can just use Screech and Fake Tears to lower their Defense and Special Defense stats instead.

Shedinja & Azumarill

Have Azumarill use Soak on Shedinja to change it into a Water-type. You may be wondering why. Well, it's because Water-types only have two weaknesses, while Bug/Ghost-types have five. Since Shedinja always falls after taking just one super-effective attack, you won't have as much to worry about since it now has only two weaknesses as opposed to five. Azumarill will also be able to use Surf without damaging Shedinja.

Muk & Simipour

Have Simipour use Role Play on Muk so it can get Stench. Then, whenever your opponents make physical contact with it or Muk, there's a chance they will flinch. Also, all of both of their moves (except Muk's Toxic) have a chance of flinching the target as well, so your opponents will practically be scared silly with this combo.

Ludicolo & Lumineon

Have Lumineon use Rain Dance to activate its ability so it will speed up. Here is the best part; Ludicolo will practically be unstoppable. With its Rain Dish, it will continuously gain HP at the end of each turn. It also has Leech Seed which will lend a hand in Ludicolo's HP-gaining process. It can also use Giga Drain and Drain Punch to give itself even more HP, as well as give itself one turn to heal up without any trouble by using Protect. Now, I know what you're thinking. "What if Ludicolo gets badly poisoned and the continually increasing damage eventually surpasses the HP-gaining effect?" That is what Lumineon's Safeguard is for; it will protect itself and Ludicolo (along with the rest of your team) from status ailments. Lumineon's Water Pulse will also have increased power with the rain.

Swampert & Skarmory

This team is all about shielding powerful (Explosion and Selfdestruct, to be exact) or OHKO moves. Swampert has Damp, which will neutralize the effects of said powerful moves, along with the Aftermath ability. For the one-hit knockout moves, Skarmory has Sturdy. Swampert, on the other hand, can use Substitute, and when it is hit by a OHKO attack, all damage will be negated, and it can use Counter (in case of Guillotine, Fissure or Horn Drill) or Mirror Coat (in case of Sheer Cold) to knock the opponent who used the move out right away. On to the technical stuff, Skarmory can use Sandstorm to continuously damage your opponents while not damaging either of them, and Swampert can use Earthquake without damaging Skarmory. Also, although Swampert's Rindo Berry will shield it from some of the super-effective damage from Grass-type attacks, it may not always be enough, so Skarmory can protect it with X-Scissor, which is super-effective on Grass-types.

Drifblim & Wigglytuff

Have Wigglytuff use Role Play on Drifblim so it can get Unburden. Then, when it uses Dig, the Power Herb will make it execute the move in one turn and its Speed will rise. It can also use Recycle to get the Power Herb back and raise its Speed again when it is consumed from using Dig. The same applies to Drifblim's using Hidden Power. Both Pokemon also have moves to protect themselves and each other from their weaknesses (given the type of Drifblim's Hidden Power is Fighting).

Kecleon & Chatot

Have Chatot use Role Play on Kecleon so it can get Color Change. Then, they will both take on the type of the move they were last hit by. Since Pokemon attack more often with STAB attacks, Kecleon and Chatot will become that type and Synchronoise will work, unless you're up against a Dark-type (if possible, make the type of Chatot's Hidden Power Ice since this arrangement of IV's does not interfere with any of Chatot's important stats, and Ice-type moves are super effective on a lot of types).

Lanturn & Octillery

Both Lanturn and Octillery can use Soak. If your opponents are not already pure Water-type, then have Lanturn and Octillery use Soak on both of your opponents. Then, the rest of both of their moves will be super-effective on your opponents. Lanturn's Charge will power up Charge Beam and Thunderbolt in addition to raising its Special Defense, and Charge Beam will likely raise its Special Attack also and all of its moves will become very powerful. The same goes for Octillery's Charge Beam. Octillery can also heal Lanturn by using Charge Beam on it since its ability is Volt Absorb.

Weavile & Smeargle

This team is all about depleting your opponents' PP and getting them to keep using Struggle so they will eventually defeat themselves. First, have Smeargle use Role Play on Weavile so it can get Pressure, which will make each move used against it cost 2 PP rather than one. That way, your opponents will lose PP twice as fast. They can both also use Spite to further reduce the PP of the moves the opponents last used by 4. Protect and Detect will also make moves used against them ineffective (bar Feint), and take away PP for free. I'm sure that I know what you're thinking: "What if the opponents have Rock Head and will be unaffected by Struggle's recoil damage?" That is what Smeargle's Gastro Acid is for; use it on opponents with Rock Head so they will take recoil damage and eventually go down. Weavile's Aerial Ace will also give it and Smeargle some defense against their biggest weakness: Fighting types.

Volcarona & Parasect

This is another, but more effective team for causing status ailments. Volcarona has Flame Body and Parasect has Effect Spore, so if an opponent makes physical contact with one of them, they could become inflicted with a major status ailment. You can also inflict Confusion or Flinching on them with Volcarona's Signal Beam and Zen Headbutt, respectively. Both Pokémon also have berries to give them some defense against their biggest weaknesses, along with moves that will even the score against Pokémon that have a type advantage over both themselves, and each other (given the type of Volcarona's Hidden Power is Rock).

Muk & Accelgor

Muk has Black Sludge, so it will gain some HP at the end of each turn, and Accelgor has a Shell Bell, so it will gain HP every time it attacks an opponent. Muk and Accelgor also have Stockpile/Swallow and Recover (respectively) to give themselves even more HP. When Accelgor uses Giga Drain, it will gain even more HP since it has a Shell Bell. Also, both Pokémon's abilities are Sticky Hold, so they will not be able to lose their items. Finally, they can both give themselves and each other some defense against their weaknesses with their moves (given the type of Accelgor's Hidden Power is Rock).

Staraptor & Krookodile

Both Staraptor and Krookodile have Intimidate, so both of your opponents will have their Attack stat lowered two stages when the battle starts (unless they have an ability or item that protects them from this effect). You can also lower their Attack stats even more with Staraptor's Feather Dance, and possibly burn them with Staraptor's Heat Wave and Krookodile's Fire Fang. Such a big decrease in Attack stat may provoke your opponents to use Status moves to restore the stat, so Krookodile can use Taunt on your opponents to prevent this. After all of this, your opponents will not be able to effectively use Attack moves. Onto the technical stuff, both Pokemon have moves to provide some defense for themselves, and each other against opponents with type advantages, except for Krookodile's Water weakness (which the Passho Berry will accommodate for). Krookodile can also use Earthquake without damaging Staraptor.

Mandibuzz & Smeargle

Smeargle has Moody, so one of its stats will increase and another will decrease each turn. Have it use Entrainment on your opponents so they will instead have Moody. They will continue to get stat increases, which will make Mandibuzz's Punishment all the more useful. Smeargle can also use Light Screen and Reflect to limit damage from your opponents boosted attacks. You can also give them more stat increases with Mandibuzz's Flatter and Smeargle's Swagger, while also Confusing them. Both Pokemon also have moves to give themselves and each other some defense from their weaknesses, except for Mandibuzz's Electric weakness, which the Wacan Berry will accommodate for.

Sceptile & Empoleon

Sceptile and Empoleon can use Grass Pledge and Water Pledge (respectively) on the same turn to make Grass Pledge double in power and create a swamp around your opponents so that their Speed stats will be halved. They also have moves and items to protect themselves and each other from their weaknesses (given the type of Sceptile's Hidden Power is Ground).

Charizard & Torterra

Charizard and Torterra can use Fire Pledge and Grass Pledge (respectively) on the same turn to make Fire Pledge double in power and create a sea of lava around your opponents so that they will take damage every turn (unless they are Fire-type). They also have moves and items to protect themselves and each other from their weaknesses.

Samurott & Infernape

Samurott and Infernape can use Water Pledge and Fire Pledge (respectively) on the same turn to make Water Pledge double in power and create a rainbow around your team so that moves with extra effects will have a greater chance of having said effects activate. They also have moves and items to protect themselves and each other from their weaknesses (given the type of Samurott's Hidden Power is Ground)

Well, that's it. I hope you like them!