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Joined 27 September 2007
I'm MewaZor. Here are some of my pokemon.
This is Sally, my Sneasel. I like Sneasels.
Here's Jim, my Charizard. I've always loved dragons.
This is Precious, my Mew. (She's a cutie.)
And over here is Kipper the Swampert. He's very loyal. I like him. :)
Here's Jinglebell, my Chimecho. I got him when he was a Chingling. (His move heal bell is so soothing.)
Oh. And I can't forget Razor the Rayquaza, my trusty companion.
And Buster, my Mewtwo. He's quite friendly actually.
And of course Blaze my awesome Infernape. (He's so cool!)
And check this out! This is Dragon the Dialga. I saved him from team galactic. (I hate team galactic...)
This is Einstien, my wonderful Uxie. He's cute. :D
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164.png O RLY?
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