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Personal Info

Hi My name is Jomphol Tangsripongkul.I come from Thailand.This website is place for all information about pokemon for me.So i really love this website and like to help expanding it more and more.Despite I am not very well in English and know only little information.I will do my best!

My shininess story

My first was Buizel.From egg when I am hatching for perfect IVs Buizel.A little sad that it got hasty nature not jolly that I want.But it was shininess with perfect IVs!!!

Second was shiny geodude I met it while I was traning defense Evs for my omastar.

Third was Shiny Milotic. This one is special winner prize from unofficial tornament at my school.It is the most beatiful pokemon for me!

My Pokemon

I am expert water-type trainer.(I am best water-type trainer in school at least)I have all water-type pokemon.But I will use only non-legendary for battle.

Currently I own 88 non-legendary water-type pokemon(One pokemon can have more than one style of play everyone knows that and more will come even in Gen4)39 of them already reach lv100,others are still in training. In future when new version(combination of Black and white>< I still waiting for it)There will be about 30 more water-type I had planned.

Some of my favorite

445.png 230.png 350.png 407.png 497.png 503.png 468.png 464.png

Pokemon Battle

I love double battle very much.My pokemon can all support each others.I dislike single battle since it is hard to support each other.I never try roulet battle and triple battle yet.But I think my pokemon would doing great on triple battle.But for roulet battle I am not sure I will like it.

Recently knew

I fought on battle tower in double battle and when I won about 40-50 rounds.I fought Palmer's legendary team on unknown trainer! with addition of Articuno.My team has Starmie(another one not list above) Kingdra,Ludicolo and Gyrados.I won while only lose Starmie. Sometimes it doesn't mean legenedary is better,I think some team is extremely hard for me to handle.However I fought many legendary after that... I lost on winning streak of 68 rounds.They team was Registeel,Latios,Zapdos and Suicune.Suicune was god damm ennoying... Spark and mirror coat.While Latios can endure 2 Ice Beam god..It my false that I forgot to use dragon pulse However but It wont change anything if I use.I think I still lose.Unfortunely I forgot to save battle replay.

My Dream!!!

As a crazy fan of water-type,own many water-types and love double battles,My dream is about battle of course.I think I would have my own building in battle frontier.I would call it Water Palace!!!


Like all other buildings same item and same pokemon are not allowed.

You have to enter with 6 of level 100 pokemon and continue use same team until the end of each quater.

Cheating like pokemon with full EVs of every stats or pokemon that learn any TM are unacceptable.

Unlike other buildings none of legendary are allowed.

There will be only Double battles.

The last but not least,Enjoy!!!


There will be two quarter.For the first quarter unlike other buildings there will be 15 rounds.Each round will have their own fighting style.All pokemon is water-type with exception of Masquerain(Its pre evolution was why not).The battle style will randomly come to you not in order.However pokemon in each team is fixed.Pokemon are in low to medium tier with a few high tier.All pokemon will support each other well.After had defeated all 15 rounds.I will challege you with my most used team as list below.If the player be able to defeat me I will reward them with Silver print ><

After the first quater end player will be able to change their team before second quater. For the last 15 rounds.The battle style is still the same.However for last 15 rounds will be my true power.Pokemon are not fixed and it will change to anti your team.Also pokemon will become medium to high tier.Fighting style will become more advance.I will put all my effort in last 15 rounds.After you had defeated 15 of my teams as first quarter you will be challenge by final team.But this time team will be my chosen pokemon to anti your team.If you be able to defeat me this time I will reward you with Gold Print.

Moreover if you be able to defeat all my team you must be incredible strong!!!I am very impress if I had met these team.So (It might be a little cheating) I really want to try my best of the best.You will be challenge by my legendary water team!!!!!!!!!.


Do not ever underestimate my team they are well trained with full EVs and really good IVs,some of them might even be perfect IVs.

Team with only electric-type,grass-type or mix of two types only are not recommended.You will soon find yourself being overwhelmed.

Send out best of your best for last final round and you won't regret. Your pokemon should be able to support each other well because every round was double battle not single battle.

If you find yourself extremely hard in first 15 rounds.Do not dare try last 15 rounds It will be ten times harder.

For the last this was only my dream but I wish it comes true someday.As I already prepare the pokemon for it!!!!!


Before Battle

I have heard you already beat Cynthia.She was very beauty and attractive person.Her pokemon was really strong.However I will be more competitive opponent than her! Have you ever heard of Tsunami? If not you will see what it was now!!!

During battle

Wow! You are quite strong,It was just beginning however…

I haven't been backed up to the corner like this since the battle frontier!..

I won’t gonna let you win that easy!

After Battle

Congragulations! You had defeated one of the world greatest trainer! You are incredible strong.I got to improve more now.We will see again when the time has come then.Farewell…..

Platinum Most use team



Lv. 100  Floatzel


Lv. 100


Lv. 100  Starmie


Lv. 100


Lv. 100  Ludicolo


Lv. 100