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Daily Events are a a continually running theme throughout the Pokémon series beginning with the Generation II games when the Time system was implemented. These events can be completed on a day-to-day basis beginning at midnight of the current day. The outcomes of these activities change daily and can be completed daily, hence why they are called daily activities.

Generation II

Generation III

Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Versions


Free berries
  • Pretty Petal Flower Shop, Route 104. A candy-loving girl will give you one random berry: Aspear Berry, ...
  • Route 114. A guy outside Lanette's House will give one random berry: Pinap Berry, ...
  • Route 123. Berry Master will give two random berries: ...
  • Route 123. Berry Master's wife will give one random berries: ...
  • Sootopolis City. Kiri will give two random berries: Tomato Berry, Iapapa Berry, ...
Shoal Cave
  • Shoal Shell is available during high tide at 9:00 am/pm to 2:59 pm/am. Shoal Salt is available during low tide at 3:00 am/pm tp 8:59 pm/am.
  • Lottery at Lilycove City Department Store.

Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen Versions

Pokémon Emerald Version

Generation IV

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Versions


Sandgem Town
  • To obtain the current Mass Outbreak information, the player must by talk to Dawn's or Lucas's sister in Sandgem Town, depending on their own gender. This may only be done after receiving the National Pokédex. To see the current list of mass outbreak Pokémon that can be found please see this list.
    • An alternative method to finding out the current outbreak is seeing the news report on a TV.
Jubilife City
  • A daily Lottery is run at the reception desk on the first floor of Jubilife TV where the player can draw one Lotto Ticket per a day. By matching the numbers starting with the far right digit in order the player will receive one of the following prizes:
Prize Item Numbers Matched
1st Bag Master Ball Sprite.png Master Ball All Numbers
2nd Bag Max Revive Sprite.png Max Revive Last 4 Numbers
3rd Bag Exp. Share Sprite.png Exp. Share Last 3 Numbers
4th Bag PP Up Sprite.png PP Up Last 2 Numbers
5th Bag Fashion Case Sprite.png Random Super Contest Backdrop Last Number

Pokémon Platinum Version


Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions


PokéGear Numbers
  • The ability to call Gym Leaders for a rematch has been added and they can be called during certain times of the day.
N/A Morning Day Night
Sunday VSErika.png VSSabrina.png VSBlue.png
Erika Sabrina Blue
Monday VSPryce.png VSJanine.png N/A
Pryce Janine N/A
Tuesday N/A VSBlaine.png VSMorty.png
N/A Blaine Morty
Wednesday VSMisty.png VSJasmine.png VSChuck.png
Misty Jasmine Chuck
Thursday N/A VSBugsy.png N/A
N/A Bugsy N/A
Friday VSLt Surge.png N/A VSClair.png
Lt. Surge N/A Clair
Saturday VSFalkner.png VSWhitney.png VSBrock.png
Falkner Whitney Brock



  • The receptionist desk in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl is referred to as the Pokémon Lottery Corner in-game by the attendee running the desk.
  • An error in the Jubilife City Lottery is that Lotto Ticket is incorrectly spelled Loto Ticket.

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