The eventual goal of this project is to ensure that every link on Bulbapedia goes to an actual page, instead of a redirect. The list below includes moves and redirect pages for those moves that have links to them. By using the "what links here" and focusing on the redirects, I can find all such links and relink them to the actual page. While redirects are fine when users mistype something during a search, there shouldn't be any links that lead to them. I'm starting with moves, because I first saw this problem with the moves U-turn and SonicBoom (which were linked to as U-Turn and Sonicboom), but I hope to one day eliminate all links to redirects.

Known offending moves

None currently

Previously handled moves


Previously handled

Phew... that's quite a list, and I doubt I even have them all... If you spot any others, then be sure to let me know, and I'll add it here. As I said, I want to focus on moves first, but I'll move on to other pages over time.

A note about Card pages

While working on this project, I've found that a lot of Pokémon cards in the TCG use normal case standards for moves that use CamelCase in the games. In such cases, the text of the article should reflect the text on the card, using the same case standards. However, such articles usually have an "origins" section that usually includes a link to the move. This link can be put into CamelCase. I usually also include a note such as "Although this move is spelled with CamelCase in the games, it uses normal case here."