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Hello i am Mario136 i join bulbapedia because i wanted help this encyclopedia of my favorite videogame series Pokémon!. With time i will continue helping on things that i can edit or change.

History with Pokémon

For years i always saw Pokémon promotions, games, anime etc. but i never take it in mind about play it. I like Pokémon since a school friend show me his Gameboy Anvance with Pokémon Ruby he and another friend had Pokémon FireRed. For the first time i noticed that Pokémon was a very great and fun game like Mario and Zelda, and i wanted a game too. After that my first Pokémon game was Emerald, me and my friends played for many time battling and trading at this time i not knew anything about playing but my friend explain me and helped me. That was in 2005 with Pokémon Emerald and Colosseum. For many years Pokémon, Mario and Zelda are my favorite video game series.

Favorite Pokémon

Party Pokémon