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Hi, I'm Manga-in-a-Bottle. My contributions to Bulbapedia are relatively minor, but sometimes the little things are the ones that make the big differnce, right? ^-^ Basically my idea of 'contribution' is to choke up the wiki with stubs and whine till they get completed :D

My Contributions

  • Miscellaneous trivia on the origins and inspirations of various Pokémon
  • Put forward the idea for the Main Page's 'Featured stubs' and 'Currently needed articles'
  • Uploaded a mass of trainer headshots for Colosseum and XD

Goals/Ideas for the 'Pedia

  • Some of the Colo/XD mugshots are missing. The ones I did uploaded were obtained from ZonaSafari and it's predecessor PokeSafari with their permission. CoolPikachu! has tried emailing them to see if they have the rest of them filed away somewhere, but as yet there is no reply. If someone can provide the missing images that would be great
  • I also want to fix up the NPC trainer classes for Pokémon Battle Revolution. Specifically, I want to add what gender and Model types the trainer classes each come in. Since I don't actually have the game, or even a Wii to play it on...

Random Fan-Crap

New Pokés I'd like to see

  • Fire/Ghost type evo for Ninetails
  • Fire/Dragon type evo for Arcanine
  • leech with a mosquito evo
  • dolphin
  • more unique type combos
  • Eeveelutions for all types
  • Fossil -- dodo with a elephant bird evo
  • Sea Urchin
  • Two new Formes for Mewtwo -- Mecha and Infant, inspired of course by the anime
  • A pre-evo for Doduo -- Douno, which looks like a kiwi... I like kiwis :D
  • A Grass/Rock evo for Sudowoodo
  • Numeral formes for Unown
  • a baby Kangaskhan
  • electric/fighting evo for Parchir9zu
  • electric/psychic evos for Plusle & Minun
  • a evolution linking Luvdisc & Mamanbou

New Moves I'd like to see

  • Transform II -- randomly transform into a Pokémon you've already seen, with a random moveset that random Poké can learn in-game
  • Acid Rain -- a poison-type weather move

Gyms, Elites and other Misc Charas I'd like to see

  • Dark Gym (well, duh)
  • A female Evil Team Leader
  • Make the male/female player characters Twin Siblings

New Features I'd like to see

  • Non-catchable boss Fakemon. Like maybe you battle a Mecha being controlled by the baddies or something like that...
  • Make some use of the DSi camera, etc

Random theories

  • Eugene is Eusine's real name, Eusine simply being a nickname based on his love for Suicune
  • Vincent's full name is Vincent Jackson. He only gives his first name to his closest friends.
  • The tearm PI stands for Poker Idol

Yes, I am a shameless nerd..