User:MH/List of Sun & Moon series episodes in Finnish

The first three episodes of the Sun & Moon were streamed on Pokémon TV in August 2017. Unlike in the most foreign dubs, the game names were not translated into Finnish, possibly because of drastic differences between Finnish and the other European languages. This marks the first time the first season of a series has premiered in Finland online rather than on TV.


Code Screenshot Danish title English title FI release Notes
SM001   Alola uudelle seikkailulle!
Alola to new adventure!
Alola to New Adventure! August 26, 2017
SM002   Suojelijan haaste!
Protector's challenge!
The Guardian's Challenge! August 26, 2017
SM003   Dex täyteen!
Filling the dex!
Loading the Dex! August 26, 2017
SM004   Alola - Ensinappaus, Ketchum-tyyliin!
Alola - The first catch, in Ketchum-style!
First Catch in Alola, Ketchum-Style! September 2, 2017
SM005   Huhhahhei, hyvä Popplio!
Hoh hah hey, go Popplio!
Yo, Ho, Ho! Go, Popplio! September 2, 2017
SM006   Shokeeraava kauppareissu!
A shocking shopping trip!
A Shocking Grocery Run! September 2, 2017
SM007   Kiusankappale Litten!
Litten the troublemaker!
That's Why the Litten is a Scamp! September 9, 2017
SM008   Lillien munahaaste!
Lillie's egg challenge!
Lillie's Egg-xhilarating Challenge! September 9, 2017
SM009   Toteemia kaatamassa!
Knocking down a Totem!
To Top a Totem! September 9, 2017
SM010   Koettelemus kerrakseen!
Trial for once!
Trial and Tribulation! September 16, 2017
SM011   Kiawella oli talo!
Kiawe had a house!
Young Kiawe Had a Farm! September 16, 2017
SM012   Aurinko, suola, salaluola!
The sun, the salt, the secret cave!
The Sun, the Scare, the Secret Lair! September 16, 2017
SM013   Kisaten kohti suurta tapahtumaa!
Competing towards a great event!
Racing to a Big Event! September 23, 2017
SM014   Tutustutaan!
Let's get to know each other!
Getting to Know You! September 23, 2017
SM015   Clawmark-kukkulan kuhinat!
Swarming at Clawmark Hill!
Rocking Clawmark Hill! September 23, 2017
SM016   Kuplien viemää!
Gone with the bubbles!
They Might Not Be Giants! September 29, 2017
SM017   Kristallinkirkasta etsiväntyötä!
Crystal clear detective job!
Crystal-Clear Sleuthing! September 29, 2017
SM018   Mausteita metsästämässä!
Hunting spices!
A Seasoned Search! September 29, 2017
SM019   Uusintaottelu Suojelijan kanssa!
Rematch with the Guardian!
A Guardian Rematch! October 6, 2017
SM020   Kumppanuus syvenee!
Partnership deepens!
Partner Promises! October 6, 2017
SM021   Yksi matka päättyy, toinen alkaa...
One journey ends, another begins...
One Journey Ends, Another Begins... October 6, 2017
SM022   Puistattava lapiojahti!
Shivering shovel hunt!
A Shivering Shovel Search! October 20, 2017
SM023   Kootaan yhtye uudestaan!
Let's reassemble the band!
Getting the Band Back Together! October 27, 2017
SM024   Alolan avoimet ovet!
Alola's open doors!
Alolan Open House! November 3, 2017
SM025   Ryhmärähinä!
A team brawl!
A Team-on-Team Tussle! November 10, 2017
SM026   Hyvästit, Sofokles!
Goodbye, Sophocles!
So Long, Sophocles! November 17, 2017
SM027   Kilpahenkeä ensisilmäyksellä!
Rivalry at the first glance!
A Glaring Rivalry! November 24, 2017
SM028   Näppilyöntejä Poképesiksessä!
Bunts in Pokémon Base!
Pulling Out the Pokémon Base Pepper! December 1, 2017
SM029   Unten mailla
Lulled to La-La Land! December 8, 2017
SM030   Vaihtokauppaa!
The Ol' Raise and Switch! December 15, 2017
SM031   Saarikuiskaaja!
Island whisperer!
The Island Whisperer! December 22, 2017
SM032   Treasure Hunt on Akala Island!
Aarrejahti Akala-saarella!
Treasure Hunt, Akala Style! January 5, 2018
SM033   Sinteissäkin on voimaa!
Even small fries have power!
Big Sky, Small Fry! January 12, 2018
SM034   Kaiken kruunaava totuuden hetki!
The all-crowning moment of truth!
A Crowning Moment of Truth! January 19, 2018
SM035   Mausteita hankkimassa!
Seeking out spices!
Currying Favor and Flavor! January 26, 2018
SM036   Päättäväisyys koetuksella!
Determination with probation!
Trials and Determinations! February 2, 2018
SM037   Raunioista ylös!
Up from the ruins!
Rising from the Ruins! February 9, 2018
SM038   Mimikyu naamiotta!
Mimikyu unmasked!
Mimikyu Unmasked! February 16, 2018
SM039   Mallow ja metsäopettaja!
Mallow and the forest teacher!
Mallow and the Forest Teacher! Feburary 23, 2018
SM040   Brionne, kuplia ja katkeruutta!
Brionne, bubbles, and bitterness!
Balloons, Brionne, and Belligerence! March 2, 2018
SM041   Virtaa voittoon!
Charge for Victory!
Mounting an Electrifying Charge! March 9, 2018
SM042   Alola, Kanto! Alola, Kanto! March 16, 2018
SM043   Kun alueet törmäävät!
When regions collide!
When Regions Collide! March 23, 2018
SM044   Kohtaaminen unessa!
A meeting in a dream!
A Dream Encounter! June 22, 2018
SM045   Katoamistemppu!
Vanishing trick!
Now You See Them, Now You Don't! June 22, 2018
SM046   Ulkonäkö pettää!
Appearances can be deceptive!
Deceiving Appearances! June 22, 2018
SM047   Naamioitu varoitus!
A masked warning!
A Masked Warning! June 22, 2018
SM048   Tuhannen poseerauksen yö!
Night of a thousand poses!
Night of a Thousand Poses! June 22, 2018
SM049   Tehtävä: Muistojen palautus!
Mission: restoring memories!
Mission: Total Recall! June 22, 2018
SM050   Faban kosto!
Faba's revenge!
Faba's Revenge! June 22, 2018
SM051   Päättäväinen perhe!
A determined family!
Family Determination! June 22, 2018
SM052   Legendan aineksia paljastamassa!
Revealing the stuff of legend!
Revealing the Stuff of Legend! June 22, 2018
SM053   Vastahakoinen pelastettava!
A reluctant rescuee!
Rescuing the Unwilling! June 22, 2018
SM054   10 000 000 syytä kamppailla!
10 000 000 reasons to fight!
10,000,000 Reasons to Fight! August 28, 2018
SM055   Professorien uusi seikkailu!
The professors' new adventure!
The Professors' New Adventure! August 28, 2018
SM056   Pokémon unten mailla!
A Pokémon asleep!
Let Sleeping Pokémon Lie! August 28, 2018
SM057   Dex sekaisin!
Dex in a mess!
The Dex Can't Help It! August 28, 2018
SM058   Antaa kyynelten tulla!
Let the tears come!
Fighting Back the Tears! August 28, 2018
SM059   Katkeransuloinen maku!
A bittersweet taste!
Tasting the Bitter with the Sweet! August 28, 2018
SM060   Hyppy kilpailuun!
A jump to the competition!
Getting a Jump on the Competition! August 28, 2018
SM061   Ultratärkeä tehtävä
An ultra important mission!
A Mission of Ultra Urgency! August 28, 2018
SM062   Muodon vuoksi!
For the shape/form!
Acting True to Form! August 28, 2018
SM063   Tulikuumaa päättäväisyyttä!
Flaming hot determination!
Pushing the Fiery Envelope! August 28, 2018
SM064   No Finnish title No English title Unaired
SM065   Suosiota ja kovia treenejä!
Popularity and tough workouts!
Turning Heads and Training Hard! August 28, 2018
SM066   Sketch iskulyöntinä!
Sketch as a smash!
Smashing with Sketch! August 28, 2018
SM067   Rakkautta ensipyöräyksellä!
Love at first twirl!
Love at First Twirl! August 28, 2018
SM068   Tarjolla todellista elämää!
Real life on sale!
Real Life...Inquire Within! August 28, 2018 This is the first episode to have its Finnish release before the US airing.
SM069   Tähtialus taivaalta!
Starship from the sky!
Rise and Shine, Starship! December 7, 2018
SM070   Nuoren liekin vastaisku!
The young flame's counterattack!
The Young Flame Strikes Back! December 7, 2018
SM071   Lanaa nappaamassa!
Catching Lana!
Dewpider Ascending! December 7, 2018
SM072   Happamasta makeaa!
From sour into sweet!
Sours for the Sweet! December 7, 2018
SM073   Mikset antaisi minulle vaikka Z-rengasta?
Why not give me a Z-Ring?
Why Not Give Me a Z-Ring Sometime? December 7, 2018
SM074   Koviskokeet!
Tough guy trials!
Tough Guy Trials! December 7, 2018
SM075   Laiskuutta kerrakseen!
Plenty of laziness!
Some Kind of Laziness! December 7, 2018
SM076   Siirretty ottelu!
A postponed battle!
A Battle Hand-Off! December 7, 2018
SM077   Ymmärrystä avartamassa!
Widening understanding!
Guiding an Awakening! December 7, 2018
SM078   Räjähtävä ilotulitus!
Explosive fireworks!
Twirling with a Bang! December 7, 2018
SM079   Rakkauden tähdenlento!
A shooting star of love!
Showering the World with Love! December 7, 2018
SM080   Paineensietokyky ei petä!
Pressure tolerance does not let down!
Not Caving Under Pressure! December 7, 2018
SM081   Uusi Royal-liekki syttyy!
A new Royal Flame ignites!
A Young Royal Flame Ignites! March 29, 2019
SM082   Tanssikehitys!
A Dance Evolution!
All They Want to Do is Dance Dance! March 29, 2019
SM083   Nuija, kutistit kakarat!
Dummy, you shrunk the kids!
Dummy, You Shrunk the Kids! March 29, 2019
SM084   Rakkaus muuttaa muotoaan!
Love changes its shape!
The Shape of Love to Come! March 29, 2019
SM085   Pitkä hyppy kotiin!
A long jump home!
The Long Vault Home! March 29, 2019
SM086   Valitsen paratiisin!
I choose paradise!
I Choose Paradise! March 29, 2019
SM087   Valo täyttyy pimeydestä!
The light fills up with darkness!
Filling the Light with Darkness! March 29, 2019
SM088   Kaiken peittävä pimeys!
The darkness that covers everything!
Full Moon and Many Arms! March 29, 2019
SM089   Prisma valon ja pimeyden välillä!
The prism between light and darkness!
The Prism Between Light and Darkness! March 29, 2019
SM090   Tulevaisuutta turvaamassa!
Securing the future!
Securing the Future! March 29, 2019
SM091   Pikachu-paljous!
An abundance of Pikachu!
A Plethora of Pikachu! March 29, 2019
SM092   Toinen Naamio-Royal?
Another Masked Royal?
Turning the Other Mask! March 29, 2019