'Bold text'Introduction

Hi! I'm MAXDude17.I just registered on this site since it's one of the coolest site I've ever seen! I've been a Pokemon fan for as long as I know. One thing thou,I'm not good with words sometimes.


When I was 9 years old,I din't know what Pokemon was until a classmate of mine brought some pokemon stuff in class. Curious,I checked it out and I din't get about the stuuf until I watch the anime. I bought some tapes from my local video shop. When I watch it,I thought to myself of how cool it was! And so I continued to watch it everyday and back then my local channel starts to show the program. However,it was discontinued until now. Luckily I found pokemon videos in Youtube and starts to watch them again,continuing where I left off.


My first pokemon game was the Blue Version. I bought a Gameboy Color and the game a year after I watch the anime. Soon I became addicted to it and played non-stop! Then I bought the yellow version and continue to play it like I did to Blue. Same thing when I bought the Gold version although I didn't get to finish it since it starts to malfunction. After that,I haven't played pokemon since my exams is coming near and my gameboy is broken. Until i entered highschool,my mom bought me a GBA from London.I bought Sapphire and still have it right now. Whne I heard about Diamond and Pearl, I was really excited. Then I bought a DS and Diamond and continue to play it till now!

Diamond Team

New team coming up