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Pokémon Green Red/Blue Yellow Back Gold Silver Conclusion Future?
Meowth Spr 1g 052.png Spr 1b 052.png Spr 1y 052.png Spr b g1 052.png Spr 2g 052.png Spr 2s 052.png Look at that fat little kitty in Green. Game Freak did a great job in fixing it for R/B though. Back sprite is iffy but tolerable. Yellow looks a little messed up, but hey, Meowth is pretty messed up so its ok. G/S look fine.
Persian Spr 1g 053.png Spr 1b 053.png Spr 1y 053.png Spr b g1 053.png Spr 2g 053.png Spr 2s 053.png Green is confusing, I'm not sure if its about to attack or take a violent crap. R/B answers that question, remember to dirt the turd, Persian. Back sprite looks like a blown-up Meowth, but from Yellow on Persian is fine (and as Giovanni's kitty, I expect nothing less).
Psyduck Spr 1g 054.png Spr 1b 054.png Spr 1y 054.png Spr b g1 054.png Spr 2g 054.png Spr 2s 054.png I think they took the retarded angle a little too seriously in Green, which bled into the back sprite of course. R/B ain't bad, Yellow isn't great but works, and G/S on its all good.
Golduck Spr 1g 055.png Spr 1b 055.png Spr 1y 055.png Spr b g1 055.png Spr 2g 055.png Spr 2s 055.png Holy crap, is Green a duck or a swamp monster? The fallout being that horrific back sprite. Yellow is actually the most aggressive looking of the bunch. It's lookin good from then on.
Mankey Spr 1g 056.png Spr 1b 056.png Spr 1y 056.png Spr b g1 056.png Spr 2g 056.png Spr 2s 056.png This is why no one ever used Mankey, it looked like an amoeba in its early days. I mean, holy crap, seriously Game Freak?? I bet when anyone saw this thing in Yellow, they had no idea it was a Mankey because they had never seen one before.
Primeape Spr 1g 057.png Spr 1b 057.png Spr 1y 057.png Spr b g1 057.png Spr 2g 057.png Spr 2s 057.png Green looks like splattered roadkill. R/B looks better, not that it was hard to look any better than Green. Back sprite isn't as abysmal as the G/R/B, but Yellow works and its good from then on out.
Growlithe Spr 1g 058.png Spr 1b 058.png Spr 1y 058.png Spr b g1 058.png Spr 2g 058.png Spr 2s 058.png Is Green a dog? what is that? R/B is definitely a dog. But, it looks too close to a real dog. Back sprite outright sucks. Yellow is identifiable, but not great. G/S is fine, but R/S/E kinda looks stupid actually. FR/LG fixes that.
Arcanine Spr 1g 059.png Spr 1b 059.png Spr 1y 059.png Spr b g1 059.png Spr 2g 059.png Spr 2s 059.png Amongst that mess in Green, an Arcanine quietly hides. It sits down in R/B, and becomes a blob of something from the back. Yellow isn't perfect, but at least we know what we're looking at. Gold is meh, Silver on are fine.
Poliwag Spr 1g 060.png Spr 1b 060.png Spr 1y 060.png Spr b g1 060.png Spr 2g 060.png Spr 2s 060.png It's pretty hard to screw up a blob with a swirl and tail, G/R/B aren't great, but work. Back sprite is crap, but nothing too horrible.
Poliwhirl Spr 1g 061.png Spr 1b 061.png Spr 1y 061.png Spr b g1 061.png Spr 2g 061.png Spr 2s 061.png Satoshi Tajiri's favorite, you'd think they would make it perfect. Nope, its horrific in G/R/B. I mean 'wow damn holy crap what happened how did they manage to make it that bad' bad. Back sprite is actually decent. Yellow on out is fine. But I still hate Poliwhirl. Sorry Tajiri!
Poliwrath Spr 1g 062.png Spr 1b 062.png Spr 1y 062.png Spr b g1 062.png Spr 2g 062.png Spr 2s 062.png I'm not sure what Green is, but it isn't a Poliwrath. R/B tries to impress, and fails. The back sprite, oh god the back sprite... Yellow looks kind of stupid, but works. G/S to the rescue, as usual.
Abra Spr 1g 063.png Spr 1b 063.png Spr 1y 063.png Spr b g1 063.png Spr 2g 063.png Spr 2s 063.png Green Abra looks a little too Asian, but the rest are ok. Backsprite is slightly confusing, but it works. You can't really screw up the same thing over and over, Abra always looks the same. Granted, Clefable in Yellow...
Kadabra Spr 1g 064.png Spr 1b 064.png Spr 1y 064.png Spr b g1 064.png Spr 2g 064.png Spr 2s 064.png Green looks weird, like Abra, but it's fine. R/B looks a little off, but still identifiable. Confusing backsprite again, but it's all fine.
Alakazam Spr 1g 065.png Spr 1b 065.png Spr 1y 065.png Spr b g1 065.png Spr 2g 065.png Spr 2s 065.png Consistency shows that Green Alakazam is once again really weird looking, but is once again (barely) acceptable. Actually a pretty good R/B and even a decent backsprite.
Machop Spr 1g 066.png Spr 1b 066.png Spr 1y 066.png Spr b g1 066.png Spr 2g 066.png Spr 2s 066.png Oh good god what is that THING in Green?? I guess it went on vacation when R/B came out, all we get is a cardboard cutout, and then it returns for Yellow! Backsprite is ok, but it kinda looks weird in G/S/C. Machop never really looks like itself until Ruby/Sapphire come out.
Machoke Spr 1g 067.png Spr 1b 067.png Spr 1y 067.png Spr b g1 067.png Spr 2g 067.png Spr 2s 067.png OH GOD IT EVOLVED. Unlike Machop, Machoke stays for R/B in all of his froggy likeness. The retarded younger brother shows up for Yellow. Backsprite is kinda dumb. They switch things up and get a girl for G/S/C (c'mon, look at that chest). Machoke doesn't really look right until FRLG.
Machamp Spr 1g 068.png Spr 1b 068.png Spr 1y 068.png Spr b g1 068.png Spr 2g 068.png Spr 2s 068.png GET IT AWAY!! Green continues its rampage, while R/B show us what a half bird/half frog would look like with four arms. Yellow is bad, but not bad like Green. Backsprite is horrible, but finally we get something normal in G/S.
Bellsprout Spr 1g 069.png Spr 1b 069.png Spr 1y 069.png Spr b g1 069.png Spr 2g 069.png Spr 2s 069.png Wow, can someone please give Green some water, it's going to die! R/B could also use a little. And don't mind Yellow, it's just a little retarded. Not sure what the backsprite is supposed to be, but it isn't a Bellsprout. Good thing they nailed it in G/S/C.
Weepinbell Spr 1g 070.png Spr 1b 070.png Spr 1y 070.png Spr b g1 070.png Spr 2g 070.png Spr 2s 070.png I hope there's some water left for Green again! Meanwhile, retarded Yellow got demoted to R/B. Yellow looks pretty good, backsprite is crap, but it's all fine G/S and after.
Victreebel Spr 1g 071.png Spr 1b 071.png Spr 1y 071.png Spr b g1 071.png Spr 2g 071.png Spr 2s 071.png You see, you didn't give it any water, and now Green going to eat you. R/B is going to eat itself it seems. Yellow looks like it's trying to be a model (head straight, strike a pose!). Backsprite isn't horrible. You know, I'm not sure if Victreebel always looks right, or it always looks stupid to be honest. It never looks the same in any generation.
Tentacool Spr 1g 072.png Spr 1b 072.png Spr 1y 072.png Spr b g1 072.png Spr 2g 072.png Spr 2s 072.png If G/R/B are any indication, Game Freak didn't know jellyfish had tentacles. Yellow is crappy but fine, backsprite sucks, but who cared? Fine from G/S on.
Tentacruel Spr 1g 073.png Spr 1b 073.png Spr 1y 073.png Spr b g1 073.png Spr 2g 073.png Spr 2s 073.png There are so many inconsistencies in the Gen I sprites, I'm not going to bother. Backsprite is meh, but notably, the blob in Gold is missing in Crystal...
Geodude Spr 1g 074.png Spr 1b 074.png Spr 1y 074.png Spr b g1 074.png Spr 2g 074.png Spr 2s 074.png Just like Tentacool, none of these are the same. I've no idea what Green is supposed to be and R/B seems to an incarnation of The Fonz! Yellow is good and the backsprite is...something. Geodude doesn't actually look genuine all the way until D/P.
Graveler Spr 1g 075.png Spr 1b 075.png Spr 1y 075.png Spr b g1 075.png Spr 2g 075.png Spr 2s 075.png Green isn't that bad, but R/B, what were they thinking?? Not even close! Yellow is good, the backsprite is meh. Gold is a little weird and Crystal is about to rape the player, but the rest are fine.
Golem Spr 1g 076.png Spr 1b 076.png Spr 1y 076.png Spr b g1 076.png Spr 2g 076.png Spr 2s 076.png G/R/B look really stupid, same with the backsprite. But Yellow is great, better than G/S! For some reason, they didn't give G/S/C a backsprite...either that or they thought Golem was secretly ??? from Zelda.
Ponyta Spr 1g 077.png Spr 1b 077.png Spr 1y 077.png Spr b g1 077.png Spr 2g 077.png Spr 2s 077.png Ponyta is so fast, that in Green, it couldn't stop in time before it smashed into a wall! A lot of inconsistencies, and the crappy backsprite, but they all work.
Rapidash Spr 1g 078.png Spr 1b 078.png Spr 1y 078.png Spr b g1 078.png Spr 2g 078.png Spr 2s 078.png The fire on Green looks more like fins on a fish. R/B is ok, but it always looked weird to me. Yellow looks kinda cool, backsprite sucks, but it's good from then out.
Slowpoke Spr 1g 079.png Spr 1b 079.png Spr 1y 079.png Spr b g1 079.png Spr 2g 079.png Spr 2s 079.png The one Pokémon they are allowed to play up the retarded-factor, and they sure did in Green! But they all still work in their own way. Except for one notably retarded sprite seen in R/'s on par with Green.
Slowbro Spr 1g 080.png Spr 1b 080.png Spr 1y 080.png Spr b g1 080.png Spr 2g 080.png Spr 2s 080.png Pretty much all of Slowbro's sprites look stupid. Notably Green, but Yellow looks like its being eaten by its Shellder! But, they all work, even the backsprite which isn't bad.
Magnemite Spr 1g 081.png Spr 1b 081.png Spr 1y 081.png Spr b g1 081.png Spr 2g 081.png Spr 2s 081.png The backsprite looks exactly like Green, too bad Green's top screw isn't in all the way. R/B looks like it's been crushed, but still works. It's the one I trained into a Megamite! Yellow is pretty good, but G/S aren't. Mag is one of the few who got a new sprite in Crystal and for good reason. From then on, it looks great.
Magneton Spr 1g 082.png Spr 1b 082.png Spr 1y 082.png Spr b g1 082.png Spr 2g 082.png Spr 2s 082.png Green is fat, and sadly, the backsprite mirror's it perfectly. Meanwhile, R/B are so drunk, they can't stay together! Yellow actually looks pretty good. Given his sprite history, Game Freak have no idea what Ton is supposed to look like. It changes a little in every game.
Farfetch'd Spr 1g 083.png Spr 1b 083.png Spr 1y 083.png Spr b g1 083.png Spr 2g 083.png Spr 2s 083.png Farfetch'd is so useless, it doesn't matter that it looks like an ornithological disaster in G/R/B because the few people that actually got one, just boxed it. Shame too because the backsprite isn't bad, and it looks good in Gen II on. But it still doesn't matter, because it is still totally useless.
Doduo Spr 1g 084.png Spr 1b 084.png Spr 1y 084.png Spr b g1 084.png Spr 2g 084.png Spr 2s 084.png It's pretty impressive that Game Freak had so much trouble with so many other Pokémon, and yet, a two headed bird was pretty easy. It's all good, including the backsprite. Beaks are a little inconsistent, but not a big deal.
Dodrio Spr 1g 085.png Spr 1b 085.png Spr 1y 085.png Spr b g1 085.png Spr 2g 085.png Spr 2s 085.png And here we are with three heads, and still, not a big deal. Backsprite isn't perfect, but works fine. Although, it's eyes don't look too healthy in G/R/B, but oh well.
Seel Spr 1g 086.png Spr 1b 086.png Spr 1y 086.png Spr b g1 086.png Spr 2g 086.png Spr 2s 086.png OH CRAP, WON'T SOMEBODY HELP THAT POOR THING IN YELLOW? It's tongue has swollen so bad I don't know how it can breathe! And that poor backsprite needs a diet, bad. Lets be frank, it has a stupid name, and it's a stupid Pokémon. It looks dumb in every generation by default.
Dewgong Spr 1g 087.png Spr 1b 087.png Spr 1y 087.png Spr b g1 087.png Spr 2g 087.png Spr 2s 087.png Green looks kinda stupid, and the backsprite follows suit. Overall though, Dewgong is a bit of a mess in every gen. It's so bland I don't have much to say about it. It's a big white fish.
Grimer Spr 1g 088.png Spr 1b 088.png Spr 1y 088.png Spr b g1 088.png Spr 2g 088.png Spr 2s 088.png It looks like a big blob of snot in Green (irony?) and the backsprite isn't very smart in the brain (is that even possible?). Grimer is yet another Pokémon that doesn't seem to stay the same in every Gen, and can you blame it? It's a blob of sludge.
Muk Spr 1g 089.png Spr 1b 089.png Spr 1y 089.png Spr b g1 089.png Spr 2g 089.png Spr 2s 089.png And here we have a giant blob of sludge. There's not much to comment on as it looks the same in every Gen. Except Yellow, which is sort of like a "snot rocket" I guess.
Shellder Spr 1g 090.png Spr 1b 090.png Spr 1y 090.png Spr b g1 090.png Spr 2g 090.png Spr 2s 090.png In G/R/B, it is pretty clear that Game Freak had no idea what they wanted Shellder to look like. This is unfortunately reflected in its backsprite. They finally figured it out in Yellow, but really guys, you should have this stuff figured out BEFORE you go through two versions of the game.
Cloyster Spr 1g 091.png Spr 1b 091.png Spr 1y 091.png Spr b g1 091.png Spr 2g 091.png Spr 2s 091.png Rather oddly, it looks like they had the design for Cloyster figured out in Green, but then retconned it in R/B? They fixed it in Yellow, and it has looked the same ever since. The damage was done though, English speakers were never sure what Cloyster was supposed to look like until G/S.
Gastly Spr 1g 092.png Spr 1b 092.png Spr 1y 092.png Spr b g1 092.png Spr 2g 092.png Spr 2s 092.png Another case of non-final design. They used the MS-Paint spray can and put eyes on it. Realizing this would be impossible to live with, they quickly stole the center of a Cloyster. A little fiery in Yellow, but it has looked the same ever since.
Haunter Spr 1g 093.png Spr 1b 093.png Spr 1y 093.png Spr b g1 093.png Spr 2g 093.png Spr 2s 093.png The maniacal figure of G/R/B is clearly not the Haunter we know, but I actually kinda like it... Of course, this doesn't excuse the backsprite from looking like a fly on a windshield. While it has settled into the Bongo Bongo we know and love, somebody should tell the R/S Haunter's to slow down a bit.
Gengar Spr 1g 094.png Spr 1b 094.png Spr 1y 094.png Spr b g1 094.png Spr 2g 094.png Spr 2s 094.png The problem with being a shadow is you're limited to being what the object you are shadowing looks like. Green will sadly have to live with the fact it is the shadow of a fat guy. Gengar also seems to change a little in every Gen, but they all work.
Onix Spr 1g 095.png Spr 1b 095.png Spr 1y 095.png Spr b g1 095.png Spr 2g 095.png Spr 2s 095.png It's a snake made of rocks. The only part of it that requires detail is it's head. Easy right? Well, R/B still managed to make it look stupid, and the backsprite. Yellow version also looks horrible, but thankfully they got it together in later generations.
Drowzee Spr 1g 096.png Spr 1b 096.png Spr 1y 096.png Spr b g1 096.png Spr 2g 096.png Spr 2s 096.png It looks like a mutated elephant that pooped it's pants. It doesn't matter that its G/R/B sprites are all terrible because it is just a terribly ugly Pokémon. Yellow figures it out, but then G/S make it try and dance. I don't know, Drowzee will always look stupid.
Hypno Spr 1g 097.png Spr 1b 097.png Spr 1y 097.png Spr b g1 097.png Spr 2g 097.png Spr 2s 097.png HOLY CRAP WHAT IS THAT ABOMINATION IN GREEN?? It's like Dracula and a clown mashed together in some nightmarish freak show! Thankfully they fixed it in R/B and it has been fine ever since. I feel sorry for Japan having to see such a thing.
Krabby Spr 1g 098.png Spr 1b 098.png Spr 1y 098.png Spr b g1 098.png Spr 2g 098.png Spr 2s 098.png Poor Krabby. The forgotten little Water-type. Even Nintendo couldn't be bothered to pay attention to it. It looks different in every Gen I game. Not sure who thought the claws went 'under' the body in R/B, but it has soldiered on, with minor changes.
Kingler Spr 1g 099.png Spr 1b 099.png Spr 1y 099.png Spr b g1 099.png Spr 2g 099.png Spr 2s 099.png Not sure how R/B missed the memo about Crabs having one pincer bigger than the other, but either way, you can barely see Kingler at all. Even the backsprite got it right. Kingler looks a little doofy all the way through Gen III, but it's not like anyone noticed because no one uses poor Kingler...
Voltorb Spr 1g 100.png Spr 1b 100.png Spr 1y 100.png Spr b g1 100.png Spr 2g 100.png Spr 2s 100.png It's a ball. Red on top, white on bottom. How did Green screw that up?? Why is there a line down the middle of its face? They've managed to not screw it up for the rest of the series, though it just blows-up anyway, so its not like anyone gets to look at it for long anyway.
Electrode Spr 1g 101.png Spr 1b 101.png Spr 1y 101.png Spr b g1 101.png Spr 2g 101.png Spr 2s 101.png Big ball. White on top, red on bottom. Green managed to get it from the front, but somehow they screwed it up from the back. His face changes in every Gen, but again, it just explodes so it doesn't matter. Though, Yellow looks really happy about it.

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