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As some of you may have noticed, the game sprites from Gen I were, well, not very good in some, I've compiled them all here to find the best, and the worst Gen I sprite. As usual, these are all opinions, don't get offended. But if you do get offended and need to yell at me, or you just have a comment, maybe about how right I am, do the usual thing by checking out the talk page.

I'd like to put a note here saying the Green sprites are probably the worst in every category, and it seems that they came back down to earth when they did Yellow. It should also be noted that all Gen I back sprites are taken straight from Green, and not R/B/Y. This is really obvious if you look at Magnemite's Green sprite, and Gen I back sprite.

Due to the "weight" of the page, it has been split up. Here is page 2.

Pokémon Green Red/Blue Yellow Back Gold Silver Conclusion Future?
Bulbasaur Spr 1g 001.png Spr 1b 001.png Spr 1y 001.png Spr b g1 001.png Spr 2g 001.png Spr 2s 001.png His Green sprite looks a tad off, but, it's ok. So far, so good.
Ivysaur Spr 1g 002.png Spr 1b 002.png Spr 1y 002.png Spr b g1 002.png Spr 2g 002.png Spr 2s 002.png This is where Green takes a turn for the worse. R/B also has the controversial "standing" position. Add to that a very confusing back sprite. Yellow version to the rescue.
Venusaur Spr 1g 003.png Spr 1b 003.png Spr 1y 003.png Spr b g1 003.png Spr 2g 003.png Spr 2s 003.png Well, it happened, Venusaur got crushed by its own plant...I'm also not too sure what to make of that back sprite.. Other than Green, Venusaur looks good from here on out.
Charmander Spr 1g 004.png Spr 1b 004.png Spr 1y 004.png Spr b g1 004.png Spr 2g 004.png Spr 2s 004.png Other than those weird eyes in Green, It's all good. So far, so good.
Charmeleon Spr 1g 005.png Spr 1b 005.png Spr 1y 005.png Spr b g1 005.png Spr 2g 005.png Spr 2s 005.png In Green, Charmeleon's arms disappear. In R/B, he gets fat. Also, the back sprite shows a non-colored horn of some sort. Yellow takes the anime route, and he stays that way, thankfully.
Charizard Spr 1g 006.png Spr 1b 006.png Spr 1y 006.png Spr b g1 006.png Spr 2g 006.png Spr 2s 006.png Holy crap! It's Puff, the Magic Dragon! After Charizard is done with looking stupid, we get the tough facade from R/B on out.
Squirtle Spr 1g 007.png Spr 1b 007.png Spr 1y 007.png Spr b g1 007.png Spr 2g 007.png Spr 2s 007.png While I didn't find anything wrong here, I've gotten lots of negative feedback. I don't think anything is really wrong to start, but, I'll wait to hear complaints about future sprites.
Wartortle Spr 1g 008.png Spr 1b 008.png Spr 1y 008.png Spr b g1 008.png Spr 2g 008.png Spr 2s 008.png Green looks a little weird, but ok. It's R/B that make it look fat though.. He's just not right until Gen II.
Blastoise Spr 1g 009.png Spr 1b 009.png Spr 1y 009.png Spr b g1 009.png Spr 2g 009.png Spr 2s 009.png Again, R/B with the fat one. Then there's Yellow with the nut job. Gen II is damn near perfect.
Caterpie Spr 1g 010.png Spr 1b 010.png Spr 1y 010.png Spr b g1 010.png Spr 2g 010.png Spr 2s 010.png Green looks a little weird, but it's that back sprite that is awful. Considering no one had a Caterpie for more than 10 minutes, it's not a big deal.
Metapod Spr 1g 011.png Spr 1b 011.png Spr 1y 011.png Spr b g1 011.png Spr 2g 011.png Spr 2s 011.png The hook...that and the bloodshot back sprite... Silver finally nails it.
Butterfree Spr 1g 012.png Spr 1b 012.png Spr 1y 012.png Spr b g1 012.png Spr 2g 012.png Spr 2s 012.png I think they are all terrible...particularly R/B with the one that sort of looks like a child with wings.. Fans will wait until Gen III before he looks right.
Weedle Spr 1g 013.png Spr 1b 013.png Spr 1y 013.png Spr b g1 013.png Spr 2g 013.png Spr 2s 013.png Well, I am the one who pointed out Weedle's lack of legs in Gen I.. Silver looks a little drunk, but looks good from there out.
Kakuna Spr 1g 014.png Spr 1b 014.png Spr 1y 014.png Spr b g1 014.png Spr 2g 014.png Spr 2s 014.png All Gen I Kakuna just look wrong. Not to mention the mysterious "arms" in R/B. Gen II nails it.
Beedrill Spr 1g 015.png Spr 1b 015.png Spr 1y 015.png Spr b g1 015.png Spr 2g 015.png Spr 2s 015.png Not very consistent, but he looks fine.
Pidgey Spr 1g 016.png Spr 1b 016.png Spr 1y 016.png Spr b g1 016.png Spr 2g 016.png Spr 2s 016.png The "ordinaryness" of R/B always bothered me, but, whatever.
Pidgeotto Spr 1g 017.png Spr 1b 017.png Spr 1y 017.png Spr b g1 017.png Spr 2g 017.png Spr 2s 017.png Pidgeotto really packs on the pounds in Green and R/B. Thankfully drops the weight for Yellow.
Pidgeot Spr 1g 018.png Spr 1b 018.png Spr 1y 018.png Spr b g1 018.png Spr 2g 018.png Spr 2s 018.png Everything was fine until it got fat in Gold. He drops all the weight in Gen III, and even learns some neat tricks in Emerald.
Rattata Spr 1g 019.png Spr 1b 019.png Spr 1y 019.png Spr b g1 019.png Spr 2g 019.png Spr 2s 019.png Yellow looks a little awkward, but, its fine i guess. Annoying but fine.
Raticate Spr 1g 020.png Spr 1b 020.png Spr 1y 020.png Spr b g1 020.png Spr 2g 020.png Spr 2s 020.png Yellow spoils it again here. That back sprite is also pretty weird. Guess I'm just nit-picking here...but it's still annoying..
Spearow Spr 1g 021.png Spr 1b 021.png Spr 1y 021.png Spr b g1 021.png Spr 2g 021.png Spr 2s 021.png It doesn't really look like Spearow in any of these sprites. I guess G/S/C is fine.
Fearow Spr 1g 022.png Spr 1b 022.png Spr 1y 022.png Spr b g1 022.png Spr 2g 022.png Spr 2s 022.png R/B just looks terrible, but it's one of the few Gen I back sprites that looks good. Looks good from Yellow on.
Ekans Spr 1g 023.png Spr 1b 023.png Spr 1y 023.png Spr b g1 023.png Spr 2g 023.png Spr 2s 023.png Is that Bellsprout in Green?? R/B don't really work either. Yellow nails it. (it pretty much had to)
Arbok Spr 1g 024.png Spr 1b 024.png Spr 1y 024.png Spr b g1 024.png Spr 2g 024.png Spr 2s 024.png Other than the mysterious back design, everything looks ok.
Pikachu Spr 1g 025.png Spr 1b 025.png Spr 1y 025.png Spr b g1 025.png Spr 2g 025.png Spr 2s 025.png For the poster child, it sure looks terrible prior to Yellow. Add to that the weird lines around it. They had the whole production team on it in Yellow, it better have turned out perfect.
Raichu Spr 1g 026.png Spr 1b 026.png Spr 1y 026.png Spr b g1 026.png Spr 2g 026.png Spr 2s 026.png Green looks weird, and Raichu is fat. He's fine....and fat.
Sandshrew Spr 1g 027.png Spr 1b 027.png Spr 1y 027.png Spr b g1 027.png Spr 2g 027.png Spr 2s 027.png That's not Sandshrew......until Yellow, and even then... ...Silver is OK, i guess.
Sandslash Spr 1g 028.png Spr 1b 028.png Spr 1y 028.png Spr b g1 028.png Spr 2g 028.png Spr 2s 028.png Again, Yellow. That back sprite is awfully busy. Gen II gets it.
Nidoran♀ Spr 1g 029.png Spr 1b 029.png Spr 1y 029.png Spr b g1 029.png Spr 2g 029.png Spr 2s 029.png R/B is wrong. Other than that, they're not really great, but they work.
Nidorina Spr 1g 030.png Spr 1b 030.png Spr 1y 030.png Spr b g1 030.png Spr 2g 030.png Spr 2s 030.png R/B has quite a snout, but, overall, they all work.
Nidoqueen Spr 1g 031.png Spr 1b 031.png Spr 1y 031.png Spr b g1 031.png Spr 2g 031.png Spr 2s 031.png Green and the back sprite are awful. The rest are just fine.
Nidoran♂ Spr 1g 032.png Spr 1b 032.png Spr 1y 032.png Spr b g1 032.png Spr 2g 032.png Spr 2s 032.png Green and R/B look wrong, but not appalling.
Nidorino Spr 1g 033.png Spr 1b 033.png Spr 1y 033.png Spr b g1 033.png Spr 2g 033.png Spr 2s 033.png They aren't 100%, but they all work.
Nidoking Spr 1g 034.png Spr 1b 034.png Spr 1y 034.png Spr b g1 034.png Spr 2g 034.png Spr 2s 034.png Even with the sub-par back sprite, they all work.
Clefairy Spr 1g 035.png Spr 1b 035.png Spr 1y 035.png Spr b g1 035.png Spr 2g 035.png Spr 2s 035.png Green looks confused and Yellow looks just plain stupid. I'm also not so sure about that back sprite.. With the exception of the lime green ears adorning the shiny version, Clefarty ends up fine.
Clefable Spr 1g 036.png Spr 1b 036.png Spr 1y 036.png Spr b g1 036.png Spr 2g 036.png Spr 2s 036.png WHAT IS THE YELLOW SPRITE SUPPOSED TO BE?!?! Clefable has to be the least original Gen I Pokémon of them all. It's a damn Clefairy stretched out!
Vulpix Spr 1g 037.png Spr 1b 037.png Spr 1y 037.png Spr b g1 037.png Spr 2g 037.png Spr 2s 037.png What is Green? Looks like a stuffed animal! And R/B is a Deer! Add to that the stupid back sprite. Yellow nails it. By the way, Vulpix decides to moon all of us in D/P.
Ninetales Spr 1g 038.png Spr 1b 038.png Spr 1y 038.png Spr b g1 038.png Spr 2g 038.png Spr 2s 038.png What the heck is Green supposed to be?? Meanwhile, in R/B, Ninetales decides to melt one of its legs off. Yellow is a near copy of R/B Rapidash, and the back sprite is terrible. G/S to the rescue.
Jigglypuff Spr 1g 039.png Spr 1b 039.png Spr 1y 039.png Spr b g1 039.png Spr 2g 039.png Spr 2s 039.png I don't know how they managed to screw up a blob with eyes, but they sure did in both Green and R/B. Yellow is ok, but it takes G/S to save it.
Wigglytuff Spr 1g 040.png Spr 1b 040.png Spr 1y 040.png Spr b g1 040.png Spr 2g 040.png Spr 2s 040.png WHAT THE HECK IS THAT THING FROM GREEN?!?! R/B is fatter than it should be, and Yellow is weird, but, its all fine. Not like anyone uses Wigglytuff anyway.
Zubat Spr 1g 041.png Spr 1b 041.png Spr 1y 041.png Spr b g1 041.png Spr 2g 041.png Spr 2s 041.png Did they even TRY in Green?? Good lord...I'm at a loss for words at that thing! R/B is much better, not great though. Back sprite is pretty bad, but, at least from Yellow on it's fine. Annoying, but, fine.
Golbat Spr 1g 042.png Spr 1b 042.png Spr 1y 042.png Spr b g1 042.png Spr 2g 042.png Spr 2s 042.png Oh good lord...where to start? Yellow is once again mega retarded, but, all of its teeth are about to fall out! R/B isn't much better, we know it has a big mouth, but, WOW. The offset eyes really top it off. Once again, back sprite is tolerable, and he looks good from Yellow on (thankfully).
Oddish Spr 1g 043.png Spr 1b 043.png Spr 1y 043.png Spr b g1 043.png Spr 2g 043.png Spr 2s 043.png Not overly bad actually.
Gloom Spr 1g 044.png Spr 1b 044.png Spr 1y 044.png Spr b g1 044.png Spr 2g 044.png Spr 2s 044.png Green is plain bad, and R/B just doesn't look like the Gloom we all know, but, they are tolerable, I guess. Back sprite isn't very good, but, it works.
Vileplume Spr 1g 045.png Spr 1b 045.png Spr 1y 045.png Spr b g1 045.png Spr 2g 045.png Spr 2s 045.png ...and then it happened, the sprite guy paid so much attention to making a horrible looking flower, he forgot he was making a Pokémon and quick had to add a horrible looking body under it! R/B looks pretty much the same, except it got an arm extension for some reason. Back sprite is meh, but once again, Yellow on, looking good.
Paras Spr 1g 046.png Spr 1b 046.png Spr 1y 046.png Spr b g1 046.png Spr 2g 046.png Spr 2s 046.png Green is high, R/B is, um, not Paras, and Yellow looks like someone stepped on it. Back sprite ain't bad though. Paras is one of the ones you like, but would never use. Shame. At least he looks good from G/S on.
Parasect Spr 1g 047.png Spr 1b 047.png Spr 1y 047.png Spr b g1 047.png Spr 2g 047.png Spr 2s 047.png Always made a cool sound, and hes always looked pretty good too. Although, he went from "in your face" in Yellow to "the light, it burns!" in R/B... Back sprite isn't great, but, no one used it anyway.
Venonat Spr 1g 048.png Spr 1b 048.png Spr 1y 048.png Spr b g1 048.png Spr 2g 048.png Spr 2s 048.png Didn't look quite right in the early games, but, it was all tolerable.
Venomoth Spr 1g 049.png Spr 1b 049.png Spr 1y 049.png Spr b g1 049.png Spr 2g 049.png Spr 2s 049.png WOW. Did the guy who made the Green and/or R/B sprite even know what Venomoth looked like? Either that, or, it was the last on to do on a Friday (or first on a Monday). Back sprite suffered, but, thankfully Yellow got it right.
Diglett Spr 1g 050.png Spr 1b 050.png Spr 1y 050.png Spr b g1 050.png Spr 2g 050.png Spr 2s 050.png I would say "how could you screw it up" but, you know, Jigglypuff up there. Thankfully, Diglett proved too easy.
Dugtrio Spr 1g 051.png Spr 1b 051.png Spr 1y 051.png Spr b g1 051.png Spr 2g 051.png Spr 2s 051.png Sorry for the anti-climactic finish to the page, but, Dugtrio looks just fine. In fact, I really like the R/B and Yellow sprites, they're great.

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