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The following lists are of places that still need maps. Completed map articles are listed at the bottom. If you'd like to improve a map article or create one yourself, be sure to check the Mapping Guidelines. Game-only or manga-only locations are not appropriate for these lists as they are apart of Project anime maps.

These lists are incomplete. You can help by expanding them.

Cities and Towns

The following is an alphabetical list of Pokemon anime cities to be mapped. For buildings or miscellaneous areas see the lists that follow.

English name Japanese name Region Between Status
Alamos Town Aramos Town Sinnoh
Altomare Johto South of Azalea Town
Arborville Johto North of Olivine City
Azalea Town Hiwada Town Johto Route 33 and Ilex Forest
Big Town Millenium Town Johto Goldenrod City and ?
Blackthorn City Fusube City Johto Ice Path and Route 45
Bloomingvale Johto Violet City and Azalea Town
Bluefinland Johto Blue Point Isle
Bonitaville Johto Goldenrod City and Ecruteak City
Canalave City Mio City Sinnoh Route 218 and the open ocean
Catallia City Johto New Bark Town and Cherrygrove City
Celadon City Tamamushi City Kanto Route 7 and Route 16
Celestic Town Kannagi Town Sinnoh Route 210 and Route 211
Cerulean City Hanada City Kanto Route 24, Route 5, Route 4 and Route 9
Cherrygrove City Yoshino City Johto Route 29 and Route 30
Cianwood City Tanba City Johto Route 41
Cinnabar Island Guren Island Kanto Route 21 and Route 20
Commerce City Komoda City Kanto Unknown?
Crimson City Kanto
Crossgate Town Hoenn Petalburg City and the Weather Institute
Dark City Kanto Safari Zone and Cinnabar Island
Dewford Town Muro Town Hoenn Route 106 and Route 107
Diglett Village Johto Red Rock Isle
Ecruteak City Enju City Johto Route 37, Route 42 and Route 38
Eggseter Johto Ecruteak City and Mahogany Town
Eterna City Hakutai City Sinnoh Route 205, Route 206, and Route 211
Ever Grande City Saiyū City Hoenn Route 128 (West)
Fallarbor Town Hajitsuge Town Hoenn Route 113 and Route 114
Five Island Island 5 Sevii Islands Five Isle Meadow, Water Labyrinth, and the open ocean
Floaroma Town Sonoo Town Sinnoh Route 204 and Route 205
Foothill Town Hoenn Mauville City and Verdanturf Town
Fortree City Hiwamaki City Hoenn Route 119 and Route 120
Four Island Island 4 Sevii Islands Icefall Cave and the open ocean
Frodomar City Kanto
Fuchsia City Sekichiku City Kanto Route 19, Route 18 and Route 15
Gardenia Town Aberia Town Kanto
Goldenrod City Kogane City Johto Route 35 and Route 34
Greenfield Johto Goldenrod City and ?
Gringey City Kanto Celadon City and Fuchsia City
Happy Town Johto Cherrygrove City and Violet City
Hearthome City Yosuga City Sinnoh Route 208, Route 209, and Route 212
Hidden Village Kanto Cerulean City and Vermilion City
HopHopHop Town Yoyoyo Town Kanto Celadon City and Fuchsia City
Inland City Johto
Jubilife City Kotobuki City Sinnoh Route 202, Route 203, Route 204, and Route 218
LaRousse City Hoenn Fortree City and Lilycove City
Lavaridge Town Fuen Town Hoenn Jagged Pass and Route 112
Lavender Town Shion Town Kanto Route 10, Route 12 and Route 8
Len Town Johto Azalea Town and Goldenrod City
Littleroot Town Mishiro Town Hoenn Route 101
Lilycove City Minamo City Hoenn Route 121, Route 124, and the open ocean
Mahogany Town Chōji Town Johto Route 42, Route 44 and Route 43
Marion City Johto
Maroon Town Ebicha Town Johto Mahogany Town and Blackthorn City
Mauville City Kinsetsu City Hoenn Route 110, Route 111, Route 117 and Route 118
Megi City Johto
Mossdeep City Tokusane City Hoenn Route 124, Route 125 and Route 127
Mossgreen Village Matsumo Town Kanto Safari Zone and Cinnabar Island
Mulberry Town Kanto
Neon Town Kanto Safari Zone and Cinnabar Island
New Bark Town Wakaba Town Johto Route 29
Ogi City Johto
Oldale Town Kotoki Town Hoenn Route 101, Route 103 and Route 102
Olivine City Asagi City Johto Route 39, Route 40, and the open ocean
One Island Island 1 Sevii Islands Treasure Beach, Kindle Road, and the open ocean
Oreburgh City Kurogane City Sinnoh Route 203 and Route 207
Pacifidlog Town Kinagi Town Hoenn Route 131 and Route 132
Pallet Town Masara Town Kanto Route 1 and Route 21 Being mapped
Pastoria City Nomose City Sinnoh Route 212 and Route 213
Petalburg City Touka City Hoenn Route 102 and Route 104
Pewter City Nibi City Kanto Route 2 and Route 3
Porta Vista Kanto
Purika City Hoenn Mossdeep City and Mirage Island
Rifure Village Rifure Village Kanto Cerulean City
Rikishii Town Johto Ecruteak City and Olivine City
Rinshin Town Hoenn Petalburg Woods and Rustboro City
Riyado Town Hoenn Mossdeep City and Sootopolis City
Rubello Town Hoenn Petalburg City and Weather Institute
Rustboro City Kanazumi City Hoenn Route 115, Route 116 and Route 104
Saffron City Yamabuki City Kanto Route 5, Route 6, Route 7 and Route 8
Sandgem Town Masago Town Sinnoh Route 201, Route 202, and Route 219
Scarlet City Johto
Sento Cherry Town Johto
Seven Island Island 7 Sevii Islands Trainer Tower, Sevault Canyon Entrance, and the open ocean
Silver Town (Johto) Johto New Bark Town and Mt. Silver
Silver Town (Kanto) Kanto Saffron City and Lavender Town
Six Island Island 6 Sevii Islands Water Path and the open ocean
Slateport City Kaina City Hoenn Route 109, Route 110, Route 134, and the open ocean
Snowpoint City Kissaki City Sinnoh Acuity Lakefront and the open ocean
Solaceon Town Zui Town Sinnoh Route 209 and Route 210
Sootopolis City Rune City Hoenn Route 126
South City Johto
Stone Town Kanto Safari Zone and Cinnabar Island
Sunnytown Kanto Safari Zone and Cinnabar Island
Sunyshore City Nagisa City Sinnoh Route 222 and Route 223
Terracotta Town Kanto
Three Island Island 3 Sevii Islands Three Isle Port and Bond Bridge
Transit Town Johto
Twinleaf Town Futaba Town Sinnoh Route 201
Two Island Island 2 Sevii Islands Cape Brink and the open ocean
Veilstone City Tobari City Sinnoh Route 214 and Route 215
Verdanturf Town Shidake Town Hoenn Rusturf Tunnel and Route 117
Vermilion City Kuchiba City Kanto Route 6, Route 11, and the open ocean
Violet City Kikyō City Johto Route 36, Route 32 and Route 31
Viridian City Tokiwa City Kanto Route 1, Route 2 and Route 22
Volley Town Hoenn Weather Institute and Mossdeep City
Whitestone Johto Ecruteak City and Olivine City
Wisteria Town Modama Town Kanto
Wobbuffet Village Johto Ecruteak City and Olivine City

Buildings and Floors

This section is for specific buildings as seen in the anime, from the remote (the Pokémon Center on Route 24) to the populated (Lilycove City's hotel). If a building has more than one floor it should be mapped by floor. Buildings are not to be mapped until their respective city, route, etc is finished.

English name Japanese name Location Region Status


This section will probably be the most difficult, if not impossible, and will have the least-precise maps. As such, it will be saved for last unless a given Route has an adequate amount of screenshots.

English name Japanese name Region Connects Status


For places such as the S.S. Anne that don't fall under one of the other catagories.

English name Japanese name Location Region Status

Finished Maps

Presently there are no completed maps.