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Black and White Characters

I give credit to Yinyang1195

Picture Name Prediction Reason Real Name Accuracy
Spr BW Hilbert.png Touya Thomas or Terry Trying to keep the "T" theme - N/A - N/A
Spr BW Hilda.png Touko Tina or Tonya Brain went a little crazy here - N/A - N/A
Spr BW Bianca.png Bel Bella Just sounds right . - N/A - N/A
Spr BW Cheren.png Cheren Cody Reminds me of me. - N/A - N/A
Juniper OD.png Professor Araragi Professor Willow Just also trying to keep the trend of the Professor name. - N/A - N/A
Spr BW Cilan.png Dent Denis or Dent Hope it stays the same. - N/A - N/A
Spr BW Chili.png Pod Peter or Pod same as Dent. - N/A - N/A
Spr BW Cress.png Corn Connor or Corn same as his brothers - N/A - N/A
Spr BW Lenora.png Aloe Jemima Aloe`s character reminds me of the Aunt Jemima character - N/A - N/A
Spr BW Burgh.png Arti Arnold or Arthur It has the same beginning - N/A - N/A
Spr BW Elesa.png Kamitsure Susan or Gwen From the Flower the Black Eyed Susan.The second,I don`t know where it came from. - N/A - N/A

Yacon - Shaga predicts are comeing next.


Recurring Main Characters

Gen V predicts

  • This is just my speculation,none of this is confirmed.Please don`t put this in any mainspace.*
  • Swanna US name`s will be the same minus the extra N.
  • Pokabu`s US name might be Pyrolet.dervies from Pyro and Piglet(young pig).
  • Wooguru US name will probabbly be Wargle.many just a locialized name .
  • Tsutarja US name will probabbly be Ivyink.dervived from Ivy and Skink.
  • Shikijika`s name will Bamboe.derived from Bambii and doe(a feamle deer).
  • Gear`s US name will be less simpler like Magnamite.I`m just guessing Dugear.derived from dual and gear.
  • Zorua/Zoroark`s english name will have something to do with Illusion and Kitsune.
  • Hopefully,Rock wouldn`t be the type specialty for the first Gym. answer = correct
  • Tsutarja final evolution will be a skink,a Komono Dragon,or a big snake.= correct
  • Mijumaru final evolution will be a adult otter.answer = sorta
  • Wargle will have a baby eagle pre-evoluiton.answer = nailed it
  • Reshiram`s and Zekrom`s fellow Legendary trio mate or the duo`s Master will be on the cover of the 3rd version.
  • Ruby and Sapphire will get remade this GEN for the 3DS.The name`s I`m guesing is MagmaRuby and AquaSapphire.Named from the Villions that were introduced this gen.
  • There will not be a FireRed and LeafGreen remake this gen.If it happens,I`m thinking it might be SolarFireRed and SoilLeafGreen.