Current White 2 Team

Shortly after starting his journey, Scribs caught his Ampharos as a Mareep at Floccesy Ranch. It has since then been a vital part of his team which has never left the party. As a Flaaffy it single-handedly took on Roxie and defeated her.

As an Ampharos it was a part of Scrib's first Hall of Fame entry.

Its known moves are: Power Gem, Signal Beam, Thunderbolt and Confuse Ray. It holds an Expert Belt and has the ability Static.

Debut Floccesy Ranch @ Lv.5
Scribs managed to find someone in a faraway place who had a Snivy with an amazing rare ability. He obtained it in a Link Trade and rose it to become a powerful Serperior. Scribs' starter was a Tepig but it was not on his team for long.

Its known moves are: Leaf Storm, Hidden Power, Dragon Pulse and Giga Drain. It holds a Life Orb and has the ability Contrary.

Debut Link Trade @ Lv.1
As soon as Scribs got to Virbank City he headed to the Virbank Complex to catch a Growlithe. After a long time of searching he finally found and caught one, replacing the Tepig he started with.

As a Growlithe it was involved in many battles, including making good use of its Reversal attack to defeat Clay. It reached a very high level and learned powerful moves before Scribs evolved it into Arcanine to battle the Elite 4.

As an Arcanine it was a part of Scrib's first Hall of Fame entry.

Its known moves are: Wild Charge, Crunch, Flare Blitz and Outrage. It holds a Rocky Helmet and has the ability Flash Fire.

Debut Virbank Complex @ Lv.13
Preparing to battle Elesa, Scribs went to the Desert Resort to find a Trapinch. It took him a long time but he finally found one and it became a key member of his team. In its first form it took down Elesa and evolved into Vibrava after defeating Skyla. It fought against Drayden and evolved in to Flygon in time to overpower Marlon.

As a Flygon it was a part of Scrib's first Hall of Fame entry.

Its known moves are: Rock Slide, Dragon Claw, Crunch and Earthquake. It holds a Shell Bell and has the ability Levitate.

Debut Desert Resort @ Lv.21
Scribs had obtained a couple of Eggs containing Eevee with their Dream World ability. When one hatched he thought hard about what to evolve it into and eventually chose Flareon. It is a new addition to the team and is still being tested for how well it works.

Its known moves are: Sleep Talk, Facade, Flame Charge and Rest. It holds a Toxic Orb and has the ability Guts.

Debut Hatched from Egg.
Scribs encountered Tornadus in its Therian Forme using the Pokémon Dream Radar and it became a vital part of his team as soon as he added it to his party, replacing the Tranquill he once used. It mainly serves as the flier for Scribs, taking him to different places with ease, but is good in battle as well.

Its known moves are: U-Turn, Fly, Psychic and Sludge Bomb. It holds a BrightPowder and has the ability Regenerator.

Debut Pokémon Dream Radar @ Lv.40

In Rotation

Scribs' favourite Pokémon is Zoroark. He was gifted N's Zorua in Driftveil City and it became a key member of his team. It evolved into Zoroark after Scribs defeated Clay.

As a Zoroark it was a part of Scrib's first Hall of Fame entry.

Its known moves are: U-Turn, Night Slash, Bounce and Roar. It holds a Muscle Band and has the ability Illusion.

Debut Gifted @ Lv.30
Scribs strived through breeding and catching particular Pokémon to obtain a Sigilyph with the attack Stored Power. Once he finally got what he wanted, it became a very powerful addition to his team.

Its known moves are: Cosmic Power, Roost, Stored Power and Trick. It holds a Flame Orb and has the ability Magic Guard.

Debut Hatched from Egg.