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Lockheed's Psyduck
ロッキードのコダック Rokkīdo's Koduck
Dive Ball
Psyduck SM009.png
Wild Psyduck as seen in SM009 illustrating Lockheed's Psyduck
Debuts in Pokémon Sun and Moon
Caught at Malie Garden
Gender Male
Ability Cloud Nine
Current location With Lockheed
This Pokémon has not evolved.

Lockheed's Psyduck (Japanese: ロッキードのコダック Rokkīdo's Koduck) was the fourth Pokémon acquired by Lockheed in the Alola region and his main Pokémon.


Psyduck was found on Malie Garden hidden in a tall grass. When Lockheed visiting the location after becoming a champion he found Psyduck. After a quick battle against Lockheed's Tauros, the trainer caught the duck Pokémon. Psyduck became the mostly important of all Lockheed's Pokémon. He is level 100 and has a quirky nature. His principal moves are: Confusion, Hydro Pump, Surf and Toxic.


Psyduck are the only of Lockheed's Pokémon to be kept in a Dive Ball.


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