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I got this idea a while ago. I started collecting Pokémon in my Pearl version. Every new Pokémon I would run into, I would capture, and put it in the computer in National Dex order. It really didn't have a purpose, just for fun.

Finally, I had most of the Pokémon available in Pearl. Then, for Christmas a couple years later, I got Pokémon Battle Revolution. It's going to be so nice to see my own Pokémon in 3D graphics! I thought as I went and put the game in. After syncing my Pearl to the game, I realized that I only had a handful of Pokémon that could battle! Other than my team, and a couple Pokémon my Dad raised, all the other Pokémon were lower than Level 30! Then one day, after looking at the Gym Leader rematches, I realized how much variety of Pokémon the Gym Leaders had. So, I decided to do Gym Leader runs on my games, using only the Gym Leader's Pokémon and beat the game with them. For that list, see this page.

Now, since Black and White have been released, I will still do runs with Pokemon in those games in order to receive all the Generation V Pokémon. However, instead of doing Gym Leader runs, I will be doing Random runs, in which instead of choosing the Gym Leader at random, I choose the Pokémon in my team by random.

Previous Teams

Below are a list of Teams and Pokémon I or others have raised. While they aren't Gym Leader runs, they are still Pokémon that have been raised, and thus added to my collection.


My Pearl version: the queen bee to the Gym Leader runs. This helps me so much, and is also my first Generation IV game that I've played.


  • Magmortar was given to me as a Magby from a friend.


My dad plays Pokémon as well, and he'll raise a team of strong Pokémon. Though some of his Pokémon got lost (how I have no idea), I will type down what is left of his Diamond Team.


  • I believe one of the Pokémon that got lost was an awesome Bibarel. I have no idea where these Pokémon disappeared to.


Usually, I won't add a Generation III gameplay, but I got some pretty powerful Pokémon from my Emerald, which surprises me a lot.


  • I was trying to catch all the Pokémon in Emerald as well, so that's why my Pokémon have attacks like False Swipe, Fire Spin, etc.


Another game my Dad played as well. There was one more Pokémon, but I already had a trained version of Garchomp, so I released it.


  • The Dragonite was recieved from an egg I gave to my Dad after breeding a Dratini.
  • No Origin Forme because my Dad didn't know how to get the Griseous Orb.

Black & White Random Runs

As said above, I will be doing Random Runs instead of Gym Leader runs for Black and White. This can be either more challenging or easier than a Gym Leader run depending on the team, of course.


Since I wanted to play the game myself with no restrictions or rules, I did not time myself, nor did I choose the Pokémon at random. These Pokémon in this game are chosen to be my main team for my Master Game.


  • The levels and attacks are subject to change, since I just now beat the game. I still have yet to go to Lacunosa Town and other places.
  • My master game that I plan to be just like my Pearl once I get White. However, it will be a very long time until I transfer my Pokémon from my Generation IV games over to this game.
  • Commentary: While I was very much against these games from the beginning, I must say, this was actually a really fun game. Playing through it also helped me get used to the newer Pokémon as well. The plot was good and Gym Leaders' plots were pretty good, since they had more jobs than just waiting around and waiting for their butt to be kicked. Is it a surprise that I kept Pidove a Pidove? No way. I loved my little Pidove! He defeated Ghetsis's Hydreigon when I had almost lost my whole team. He was my strongest Pokémon throughout the game. He definetly deserves the title of being my favorite Pokémon. Whimsicott was a bit of a bother though, always getting hit and being knocked out by Critical Hits. I'm not exaggerating one bit. Overall, this was a really fun game, despite the Pokémon not being high levels and then the Gym Leader's Pokémon's levels are huge. That was made up by training with the Audinos, though.