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I got this idea a while ago. I started collecting Pokémon in my Pearl version. Every new Pokémon I would run into, I would capture, and put it in the computer in National Dex order. It really didn't have a purpose, just for fun.

Finally, I had most of the Pokémon available in Pearl. Then, for Christmas a couple years later, I got Pokémon Battle Revolution. It's going to be so nice to see my own Pokémon in 3D graphics! I thought as I went and put the game in. After syncing my Pearl to the game, I realized that I only had a handful of Pokémon that could battle! Other than my team, and a couple Pokémon my Dad raised, all the other Pokémon were lower than Level 30! Then one day, after looking at the Gym Leader rematches, I realized how much variety of Pokémon the Gym Leaders had. So, I decided to do Gym Leader runs on my games, using only the Gym Leader's Pokémon and beat the game with them.

At first, I was going to go in order, from Kanto, to Johto, to Hoenn, then to Sinnoh, but I realized after one and a half runs that it wasn't that exciting and predictable, so I now randomize the list, then play the game based on the first choice.

Doing a Gym Leader run is extremely difficult, but very enjoyable. I raise Pokémon I never would have thought to raise, and I learn the pros and cons of those specific Pokémon, as well as getting a good grip on their weaknesses and strengths. It also helps that my master game, Pearl, has tons of TMs and Pokémon that I can breed. That definetly helps a lot.

Now, since Black and White have been released, I will still do runs with Pokemon in those games in order to receive all the Generation V Pokémon. However, instead of doing Gym Leader runs, I will be doing Random runs, in which instead of choosing the Gym Leader at random, I choose the Pokémon by random.

Gym Leader runs

Please note that all the names of the Player Characters are all named Alex, but I've changed their name for convieniance.


Finally, my Gym Leader run begins. As I said before, I was going to start in order, so Brock was first. This was played on my Diamond.


  • I started this run on Febuary 13, 2010, and finished March 11, 2010. It took 26 days to complete this run.
  • Relicanth came from an egg I traded over. I also traded over both a Dome and Helix Fossil for Omastar and Kabutops.
  • Commentary: Onix was a pain in the butt to raise due to its low Attack and even lower Special Attack. Going through the Elite Four was tough, too. I had so much trouble with Cynthia's Roserade and Milotic as well.



  • I started this run on September 17, 2010, and finished November 1, 2010. It took 45 days to complete this run.
  • Blaziken, Camerupt and Magcargo were hatched from eggs.
  • Commentary: I enjoyed this game. I liked the variety of attacks my party could learn. I had a lot of trouble with Cynthia's Milotic and Garchomp; I finally kept using Hyper Potions until all the PP of Garchomp's Dragon Rush and Earthquake and Milotic's Surf until I actually could fight. I had a little bit of trouble with her Togekiss as well.



  • I started this run on November 2, 2010, and finished November 27, 2010. It took 25 days to complete this run.
  • I recieved Drapion and Vespiquen from eggs.
  • It took 11 tries to get a female Combee to hatch from an egg.
  • Commentary: Breezed right through this game! Yanmega was kinda slow at the start because of its lack of STAB and Special Attack moves. And having Drapion as back-up really helped, especially since it wasn't Bug-type.



  • I started this run on November 27, 2010, and I finished on December 15, 2010. It took 18 days to complete this run.
  • Skarmory and Dragonair were hatched from eggs.
  • Commentary: Went through this game fairly quickly as well. The variety of types was amazing, and I think it's my favorite Gym Leader run so far. I didn't really like the fact that I had two Dragon-type Pokemon, but Dragonair was my back-up since it wasn't Flying-type. Had a little trouble with Cynthia's Togekiss's Shock Wave and Milotic's Ice Beam, but all in all a fairly quick game.



  • I started this run on December 16, 2010, and I finished on February 2, 2011. It took 48 days to complete this run.
  • Electrode, Manectric and Raichu were hatched from eggs. Magneton and Electabuzz also came from the Pokéwalker course Suburban Area.
  • Commentary: Not too bad of a run. Took a long time because of Christmas and New Years, though. I was very disappointed in the lack of variety in my team; other than Magneton, everyone else was pure Electric-type. All Electric-types also seem to learn the same attacks (Discharge, Thunderbolt, ThunderShock etc.), and the lack of other types of attacks really hurt me in the Gym and Elite Four battles. On another note, Raichu was annoying at the begining, but toughened up towards the end of the game.



  • I started this run on February 3, 2011, and I finished on April 24, 2011. It took 80 days to complete this run.
  • Mismagius and Banette were hatched from eggs sent over from my Pearl.
  • This is the very first Gym Leader run where I have defeated the Champion of the Pokémon League without losing once.
  • Commentary: This run was one of my favorites so far. However, 80 days to complete this is not acceptable. This is probably due to the fact that Black and White came out at the beginning of March. ^-^; I was very impressed with this team of Pokémon and the variety of attacks the group together could learn. Gengar and Mismagius really stood out, though. Dusknoir was a little difficult to train due to his low Attack and Special Attack stats when he was a Dusclops, but once he evolved, his stats sky-rocketed.

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