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Joined 19 February 2011


  • 1st place in four Pokemon Video Game National Championships in a row.
  • Why do I do it? I'm driven. My purpose? AdvanceShipping, if you can believe it. I live, sleep, dream, think, and breathe AdvanceShipping. Every day of my life. Am I dedicated? Yeah, you could say that.
  • Who Am I? I'm the biggest, most dedicated, optimistically-awesome, most driven AdvanceShipper out there. I might not seem like it, but I am. Do you dream about AdvanceShipping? Do you think about AdvanceShipping every second of every day in your life? I do. That's what makes me who I am.

Look. If you've got a grudge against AdvanceShipping, then don't take it out on the page. Don't take it out on the obviously true evidence. Take it out on yourself for not liking this shipping. You don't like it? Deal with it. I don't mean to be rude, but jeez, people. It's pretty obvious from here where they stand.

Favorite Shippings

My favorite shippings in all of the Pokemon world. My #1 ship is Advance, because they belong together.

Straight Shippings

Least Favorite Shippings

  • PokeShipping Ash x Misty (Misty may like Ash, but Ash obviously doesn't like her. No offense to PokeShippers.)
  • PearlShipping Ash x Dawn (Dawn is annoying, in my opinion. Sometimes not, but still...
  • NegaiShipping Ash x Iris (Nothing that wrong with Iris, although she's occasionally annoying, but Ash just doesn't belong with her...)
  • AbilityShipping Another one-sided shipping, oh joy. Ever heard of 'dense' and 'just friends'?
  • IkariShipping Dawn x Paul (Opposites attract? I don't think so. Besides, Kenny is already in love with Dawn, so back off.)