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Chapter 1: Kanto Starting a Life of Pokémon

Ever since I was little, I have loved Pokémon. I would watch Pokémon, play Pokémon, battle Pokémon, and trade Pokémon. I had played Pokémon Red and had recieved my starter, Squirtle. I was a noob player back then so I wanted to catch every Pokémon in the game. Because of that, here was my team:

Of course, I had no clue what PC meant for, so, I could never get the better Pokémon I had caught due to them traveling to the "PC". I, eventually, met an older friend who was clearly more wise than me at the time. He told me a lot about Pokémon. That was when things got more aggresive . . .

Chapter 2: The Battle Begins

You see, yes, I evolved my Pokémon in Red, but I did that for my "precious Pokédex quest". Blastoise was my only tough Pokémon. Now that I knew what to do, I decided to catch the strongest Pokémon I could find. If it proved to be too weak I would PC it. My friend had given me his Blue version, and my team ended as:

Then came the depression, no not the real depression, my depression. Why was I depressed? Simple! There was nothing left to do with Pokémon except watch the anime. But then there was Togepi . . .

Chapter 3: Two much Excitement!

February 27th, 1999 was the day a mysterious egg was found in the anime. I was super-excited to know what would come out of it! I looked through all 151 Pokémon to see which one it could possibly hatch into. After thinking for a long time I assumed it would be a Paras. I couldn't stand it! Then, a month later, March 27th, I saw Togepi!!! I was obsessed!!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes . . . it was a new Pokémon!!! I wouldn't let my parents hear the end of it! That was when I got so obsessed I decided to go through every episode I had recorded to find more! Of course, I never got passed the first episode. Of course it was because of that darned Golden Fearow/Golden Legendary Bird. I knew it couldn't be a Fearow or an Articuno or any other Bird-like Pokémon, it had to be (at that point) a Pokémon to be discovered in the future. I went BONKERZ!!! A few months went by and eventually I calmed down from the craziness . . . but I was still very eager to spot a new Pokémon. Then came the day of Mewtwo Strikes Back. I was super excited about the new movie and it was great! But something in the beginning caught my eye, it was a Rolling Grey Elephant. I went ecstatic over it!!! I named it Groll, FTW! Naming it made me want to name that mysterious Bird-like Pokémon. I called it Sparcuatro (yes I knew the little Uno Dos Tres thing). The next year, the VHS came out. Of course I bought it because I heard about Pikachu's Vacation from ppl who saw it on TV. I skipped right to the Pikachu Short and I couldn't believe my eyes once more. There they were, Marril and Snubbull. I exploded into excitement, I wrote a list of new Pokémon down: Togepi, Sparcuatro, Groll, Marril, and Snubbull. I admired my "cleverness". A few months had passed, and I was eager as ever! It was summer and everyone was hyped over the upcoming movie, The Power of One. The movie was fantastic and, once again, I was amazed. Just to let you know, I had only ever heard about this movie from my friends. So . . . I was appauled at the sight of Lugia. I couldn't believe it, I went berzerk over Lugia. Later, I saw the Slowbro with the Shellder on it's head. This time, I was puzzled, it looked so different from Slowbro, it had to be a new Pokémon, I called it Slowmo. I added Slowmo to my list. At the end of the movie, the short Pikachu's Rescue Adventure came on. I sat eagerly ready for more. I asked for more, and I got it! I saw Elekid, Ledyba, Bellossom, and Hoothoot. I had figured out their names when the DVD came out but, if your curious I called them, Elezap, Ladyba, Bellossom, and Hooru. I was really excited, but then I got upset once again . . . I couldn't catch them in my games . . .

Chapter 4: Johto Gen. II Arrives

It was October 7th, 2000 when I had begin to realize that the anime was coming to an end. I became even more depressed . . . it would soon be the end of Pokémon. The next week I solemnly yet excitedly watched what I thought was to be the last episode of Pokémon . . . but then I heard Ash was set to go on a new journey. I got so excited about this I cried. After that, the next episode came on, in the same day!!! I ran up to the TV as fast as as a little kid could. The first episode amazed me. I saw a mysterious looking Pokémon, Totodile, and Cyndaquil! It was almost like Christmas for me. The next day it was announced that new Pokémon and new Pokémon games would come out. I put Silver version on my list immediately. It was new Pokémon every week for me until X-mas: Chikorita, Heracross, Spinarak, Stantler, Quagsire, and Blissey. I was also really excited to find out that Groll's real name is Donphan, and that I got to see Hoothoot, Bellossom, Snubbull, and Ledyba in action. Then the day came . . . Christmas! I finally got my Silver version and I immedietly started playing . . .

Chapter 5: Pokémon Silver

I had my list packed with Generation II Pokémon. Here was my complete list: Ho-oh, Togepi, Donphan, Marill, Snubbull, Lugia, Slowking, Elekid, Ledyba, Bellossom, Hoothoot, Suicune, Totodile, Cyndaquil, Chikorita, Heracross, Spinarak, Stantler, Quagsire, and Blissey. I was extremely excited to figure out what all the new Pokémon would be. So, just like in Pokémon Red, I had a goal to catch all 100 new species. Of course, this time around, I was smart and PC'd any weak Pokémon. My final team ended up as:

In this game, I didn't want any Legendaries, because then and on, I didn't think it was fair to use legendaries. I still think that to this day. I traded with my friends older brother and succesfully got all 100 Pokémon. I had a whole lot of fun with the game but then they announced Crystal version . . .

Chapter 6: Pokémon Crystal

It was Christmas 2001 and as soon as I opened up Crystal I was playing already playing it. I loved the enhancements from the previous games and the plot difference. My final team ended up as:

You may have noticed a pattern here: Grass-type, Fire-type, Water-type, Electric-type, Flying-type, and some other type. I don't know but it has been the same ever since for some reason.

Chapter 7: Hints of a New Generation

Johto was the best region for me. I had completed Pokémon Crystal by the beginning of February of 2002. Half a year later, the big day came . . . big for me at least. It was August 17th, 2002, and I was watching the newest episode of Pokémon. My craze had calmed down by then. I wasn't eager to find new Pokémon, nor was I ecstatic about new episodes, I was content. But, when the theme song was over, I was confused at the title, The Kecleon Caper, I was thinking, WHAT THE HECK COULD A KECLEON BE? It was a recording, because I was at school and couldn't see it, so I paused it and thought real hard. It came to my mind soon enough, it must be a new evolution of Eevee!!! I was excited, I remembered when I was playing Silver, the excitement I had from seeing new evolutions and preevolutions, it had to be a new Eeveelution!!! I thought about it . . . what could Kecl mean? I gave up, so I unpaused and watched. I was dissapointed to see what it really was, but excited just the same for a new Pokémon. My fuse was lit once more, I watched like a hawk for new Pokémon. 2 months had passed and I had just about given up. But then, October 11th, 2002, the new movie had came out, Celebi: Voice of the Forest, and it came with Pikachu's Pikaboo. When I was watching the short, I was curious about what would happen to Togepi, and if it would drown. I watched and out came a small, smily whale. I called it, Wail. Later, I got to see Kecleon once again. That wasn't what got me really excited, however. When Pikachu and the gang met up with Larvitar and friends, Granbull stepped out and called for more friends. Then a whole bunch of Pokémon were popping up such as Sunflora. Then, something popped out of the water that looked like Marill. It took me a second, but I realized I saw another new Pokémon. I smiled, I smiled because I knew these were the signs of a new generation of Pokémon. I had seen three new Pokémon: Kecleon, Wail, and "Rill". I was pumped up and was crazed again. However, after half a year, the craze was gone, but then Pokémon Heroes came out . . .

Chapter 8: Hoenn The Burst of the Generation

I didn't know anything about the new movie. Partially because, I only watched the Pokémon episodes on TV. So when I saw Eon duo, I went absolutely berserk. It reminded me of Lugia and Ho-oh. At the end of the month it got better. When I saw Wynaut, I was excited to see a new generation of Pokémon. 4 months later I was excited because Ash was entering the Johto league. The series would renew itself soon enough. I watched and boy did I go bonkers at the sight of Harrison's Blaziken. Then, after the league was over I was excited to see Wingull and Pelipper. November 1st, 2003 was when I saw the first episode of Advanced Generation, even though it had already aired months before. Pokémon Ruby had already been out too, but I waited until Christmas once again. Before the day came, I had seen several new Pokémon, but the day sure did come. It was the fastest month and a half ever, and as fast as you can say Ruby, I was already playing. My team ended like this:

Chapter 9: Pokémon Emerald

Hoenn is my least favorite region, but it was also the same region where I learned more about stats. I was always confused with the stats until Emerald. I didn't know that the reason why I couldn't attack the stupid Pidgey was because Sand-Attack actually did something. I didn't know that the weak Rattata was super strong because it kept whipping me with its tail. This was the region where I began to figure things out and it was a more competitive game this time around. Here was my final team:

Chapter 10: Sinnoh The Next Revolution

I was just finishing Pokémon Emerald when the newest movie came out, Destiny Deoxys, and there is no need to worry about whether I was excited or not about Munchlax. I was really excited to see it evolve into Snorlax, it was a new preevolution! I was pumped, I was on the lookout once more. I was 9 and growing and I wasn't as much of a fanatic anymore, so it pretty much left me after a month. A year and a half later, it was September 9th 2006. I was now 10, and I was excited to see Mime Jr. in the episode Sweet Baby James. 10 days later the new movie came out and I was like a hawk looking for new Pokémon. I was really excited to see Lucario. When I was 10, I became more familiar with the internet, I didn't know about Bulbapedia quite yet but I did know about Poké, which is how I knew the name of the new movie. I was bewildered, WHAT THE HECK COULD LUCARIO BE? A NEW POKÉMON? When I watched I was sure impressed. I also got excited at the sight of Bonsly and the two Weavile. 4 months later, I saw Chatot and 2 months after that I saw Electivire. Then came, Manaphy and the Sea Temple, with Manaphy, Mantyke, and Buizel. April 20, 2007 was the day Generation IV arrived with the first episode of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. The game came out 2 days later but I didn't get it 'til X-mas.

Chapter 11: Pokémon Diamond

Like usual, when I got it I jumped right in. My team ended as:

my Shiny!!!

Chapter 12: The Search Continues . . .

I am 13, and I am still on the lookout for new Pokémon. I found Bulbapedia December 20th, 2008. I would be turning 12 that New Year's day. January 15th is when I first joined Bulbapedia and started helping out but you can read about that on my page. Recently I have watched the entire "Dragon Trilogy" movies. I am also looking forward to getting Platinum this Christmas. I have a whole lot of friends who enjoy Pokémon and I have been battling them with my team. I have back up for when I need them too! Here are my PC Pokés that I caught to train and battle with:

my newest Shiny!!!

On December 5th, 2009 I was looking at Bulbapedia because I was trying to find an Eevee for my Diamond version so I could evolve it into Glaceon. It took me forever to get one in the Trophy Garden and evolve it into Leafeon. I didn't want to go through the trouble again so I, instead, went to the Celadon Mansion in Pokémon FireRed to get it. When I found it boy was I surprised! It was shiny!!! I sent it to Pal Park. I evolved it and boy is it pretty!!! What a terrific early Christmas present.

Chapter 13: Pokémon Platinum

I have recieved Platinum recently, here's my team:

Chapter 14: Gen. V Leaks In

On January 29th, I, as usual, was excited to see that the Gen. V games were to be released by the end of the year. However, this time, I held the excitement for the new Pokémon. Then, February 6th, I learned from Bulbapedia that Pokémon Sunday announced a new Gen. V Pokémon to appear in the next Pokémon movie. They also showed a sillhoute to be released on February 21st!

Well, they finally released the new Pokémon, and then some. Lookie here →

Chapter 15: Unova/Isshu A New Region, New Games, New Features, New Pokémon!!

Ever since Zoroark and Zorua have been released we've gotten tons of information on the new region of Isshu!! They've come out with tons of new Pokémon, along with tons of speculation.. I have made predictions on new Pokémon and some of them have been right! Generation V seems to be starting fresh with NO GEN 1-4 POKéMON until you've gotten the "mighty national pokédex" that's EVER SO IMPORTANT. It also restarts on Route 1 and is said to be far away from all of the other generations. A lot of people speculate that it could be based of the U.S.A. Once we get a region map of the place we'll have to see what it resembles! It has also been confirmed that we will have to travel around battling Gym Leaders, one of them being a new character Aloe! The professor is a woman named Professor Araragi, there also seems to be more reoccuring characters in the game. Some of them are friends of the professor, some of them are YOUR friends and rivals, and more too! The as-of-yet unnamed player characters are apparently older than the usual 10 years old for who-know's-what reason. Anyway, a lot has been released and there's a lot more to come so I guess I'm just going to have to stay tuned..

Chapter 16: New Pokémon Anime!!

With the Diamond & Pearl series ending September 9th this year, a new anime is coming our way!! The new anime is going to be called "Best Wishes!" and will NOT have the girl player character from the games featured in it. Instead a new girl named Iris and her Kibago will appear, her role is as-of-yet unknown, but she will probably travel with Ash, and what about Pokémon Contests? Will they still have that? I suppose time will tell.. Another character will be Dent who will take Brock's role as a character who has an abundance of knowledge and experience, however, I don't believe his personality will be like Brock's at all, oh and when I said Dento will take Brock's role, I literally meant TAKE his role, Brock is NOT going to be featured in "Best Wishes!"!! I'm going to miss Brock but I'm sure he'll have some sort of cameo role!! Speaking of which, anyone notice that Misty didn't appear in Diamond and Pearl? I wonder if she will ever come back again?

Who knows what Generation 5 has in store.. I guess we all just have to stay tuned..

Chapter 17: A Few Isshu-s with Unova

Now that the games have been released we now have all the marbles. We now know everything there is to know about the new generation and boy does it feel like Christmas to me! The new Pokémon are pretty AWESOME!! There are a few things that I'd like to share though. First off the final evolutions of the starters kinda suck. Some new Pokémon just look plain odd. However, most of the Pokémon are fantastic and remind me of Generation 1 and 2. Pokémon like Shimama would fit very well in Generation 2 and Pokémon such as Giaru would have a happy home in Kanto! I can't wait 'till the games come out in the U.S. because I can't get the Japanese version. :P

Once I have won the game, I'll start stating my team and such..

Chapter 18: Pokémon White

Poké[1] has confirmed the new games for an English release in Spring 2011. The English name for the starters have been confirmed to be Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott in the new region of Unova. I will be choosing Oshawott as my starter when I get the game.

To Be Continued...

Next Time: Pokémon Grey