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Magmajewelshipping (Japanese: ルカガ RuKaga ) is the belief that Ruby and Admin Courtney of Team Magma belong in a romantic relationship. This pairing can be considered to be a one-side canon shipping. This name also concerns the game counterpart of this shipping, between Brendan and Courtney. It can be considered as the rival Ship of FranticShipping.


The relationship between Ruby and Courtney began as an attempt to seduce Courtney to have Ruby join Team Magma. Courtney's feelings later evolved to become sincere.


Ruby & Sapphire chapter

  • Round 199, Adding It Up with Plusle & Minun II
    • Ruby and Courtney first met in the sixteenth volume, when Courtney and Tabitha went to the Abandoned Ship to search for something. Courtney use her knowing of berrys to make Sapphire's eyes to burn with a Tamato Berry juice. Ruby uses his glasses to avoid the same fate as Sapphire, hiding his face. Ruby, helped by Minun and Plusle, defeat Courtney and Tabitha. However they find the Scanner and leave but, because Courtney can not identify Ruby's face, she wants to find him and take his revenge.
  • Round 219, What Would You Do for a Whismur?
    • Ruby, Gabby and Ty are in the Rusturf Tunnel fighting against a horde of Whismur when they hear voices. The voices reveal themselves to be Courtney and a bunch of Team Magma Grunts. The Grunts attack, forcing Ty and the others to defend themselves, while Courtney goes to search for the Red Orb. Ruby refuse to help Ty, which causes Courtney to notice him. Using her lighter, Courtney memorizes Ruby's face and decides to change her plans. While riding on her Swellow, she charges at Ruby.
Courtney asking Ruby if he wants to join Team Magma.
    • Courtney dives down towards Ruby and takes him into the air. Ruby asks her why she picked him up, to which she replies is because of their battle at the Abandoned Ship. Courtney introduces herself to Ruby and throws him at a wall with the intent to battle him, sending out her Ninetales to attack, which forces Ruby to defend himself. Having no choice, Ruby drops his facade and sends his team out to battle, which pleases Courtney.
    • Ruby has trouble battling Courtney because of her Ninetale's ability to shoot out nine different fireballs at once. Courtney reveals the skills of each individual members of the Three Fires and that she love te use fire for its most natural use, burning. She compares their battle with a dance.
    • Knowing that Ruby likes Pokémon Contests, Courtney reveals that she likes beautiful things as well. However, Courtney states that her idea of beauty is different, which she demonstrates by burning a Ribbon. When flames engulf a victim, that is what Courtney considers truly beautiful. Courtney suddenly kneels down and ask Ruby if he wants to join them.
  • Round 221, Going to Eleven with Loudred & Exploud II
    • As Courtney asks Ruby to join Team Magma, a powerful sound wave shoots through the cave, sending them flying. Courtney quickly realizes that it must have been a Hyper Voice attack, which was fired from the Loudred and Exploud earlier.
    • Confused at Courtney's offer, Ruby goes to check on his Pokémon, which are badly hurt from Courtney's attacks, including Mumu, whose water supply evaporates.
    • Courtney demands an answer from Ruby, but he decides to put his team into their Poké Balls and send them off with Mumu. Angered at Ruby's decision to sacrifice himself, Courtney decides to burn Ruby to death for acting like a hero. Ruby corrects her, as he reveals that he never intended to keep only his Pokémon safe. Courtney quickly discovers yarn tied around her head, which is also connected to Ruby's Pokéblock Case. As Mumu runs, the yarn from the sweater Ruby put on him unravels as it is put over a large boulder, pulling Ruby and Courtney into the air.
    • Later, Courtney walks out the flames, burnt but still alive. She gets a call from Blaise, who asks her how her search for the Red Orb went. Courtney states she has lost interest in the search and has changed her focus onto another subject. As Ruby rides the van to safety, Courtney swears that she won't give up.
  • Round 259, Rayquaza Redemption II
    • As they prepare to leave Mirage Island, Sapphire confesses to Ruby that she likes him. Ruby, stunned, is too shocked to come up with a response.
    • As Ruby and Sapphire struggle against the flow of time, they eventually exit and arrive near Sootopolis City. Ruby has Sapphire push the Blue Orb out of her body and summons Wallace's aircar with his Pokégear.
    • Ruby immediately pushes Sapphire, Plusle, and Minun off of Troppy and onto the aircar. Locked inside, Sapphire demands to know what Ruby is doing. Ruby removes his hat and admits that he likes Sapphire too, which is why he can't let her fight with him. Sapphire realizes that Ruby was the boy she met years ago. A voice appears, and asks if Ruby is finished.
    • The voice is revealed to be Courtney, who had come to help. Ruby, with both Orbs in hand, flies on Troppy towards Groudon and Kyogre with Courtney.
  • Round 260, It All Ends Now I
    • As Ruby dodges the debris being sent up by the energy created by Groudon and Kyogre, he wonders if his decision was the right one. In his head, Ruby notes that he's surprised that not only could a nice girl like Sapphire actually like someone like him, but Sapphire is the girl he knew when he was younger. Courtney appears next to Ruby, and berates him for not focusing, which could end in his death. Ruby apologizes to Courtney and admits that he'd never thought he would fight together with her.
    • In a flashback to Mirage Island, Ruby tries to get his malfunctioning Pokédex to work. Suddenly, a flame appears in darkness, which is revealed to be Courtney. Ruby immediately sends out Mumu to defend himself and demands to know why she's there. Courtney reminds Ruby that she had promised to follow Ruby everywhere he goes, no matter the cost. Ruby quickly realizes that when Tate and Liza sensed the presence of someone else, they sensed Courtney, not Plusle and Minun. Courtney gives Ruby the offer to team up and stop Groudon, shocking him.
    • When Ruby questions her motives, Courtney reveals that even though she helped free Groudon to increase the land, the entire thing has gone far beyond what Team Aqua and Team Magma had intended. Because there's no point in anything if Hoenn is destroyed, Courtney considers her and Ruby on the same side. Courtney reveals that she knows that Ruby and Sapphire are undergoing training to control the Orbs, but proposes the idea of what would happen to Sapphire if she lost control. As Ruby imagines a possessed Sapphire, he reluctantly accepts Courtney's offer.
    • Back in the present, Courtney notes that Ruby must really like Sapphire if he accepted her offer so quickly. Courtney expresses some jealousy at Ruby's caring of Sapphire, which confuses Ruby. Ruby hands Courtney the Blue Orb and the two prepare to end the battle.
  • Round 261, It All Ends Now II
    • As the battle between Groudon and Kyogre continues, the energy created by their battle forces Sootopolis City and the earth surrounding it to rise up into the sky. As the energy grows between Groudon and Kyogre, Ruby and Courtney stand before them in front of the Cave of Origin. The two present the Red and Blue Orbs and command Groudon and Kyogre to end their battle.
    • The two Pokémon ignore the Orbs, which annoys Courtney. They decide to attack their opponents to get their attention, so Ruby sends out Mumu while Courtney sends out her Ninetales to attack Groudon and Kyogre. Their attacks have no effect, so Ruby comes up with the idea to attack their stomachs, as those aren't nearly as protected as their backs. The idea works, and Courtney notes that Ruby had become stronger since their last battle at the Rusturf Tunnel.
    • Ruby notices that the area they are currently in is the same place where he and Sapphire had used the Grand Meteor on the Red and Blue Orbs earlier. This distracts Ruby, which causes the energy of the Red Orb to be rebounded into his arm. Courtney tells Ruby to not get distracted, but doing so causes the Blue Orb to do the same to her body. Courtney regrets her lecture of Ruby, but decides to take this opportunity to try and control Groudon and Kyogre again.
    • They attempt to control the rampaging Pokémon again, which manages to get their attention. Immediately, the two begin attacking Ruby and Courtney in an attempt to stop them before continuing their battle. With Mumu's Endeavor, Ruby manages to knock Groudon away and on top of Kyogre. Kyogre attacks, but Courtney pushes Ruby out of the way, which causes pieces of the Cave of Origin entrance fall on top of her.
    • Ruby tries to help Courtney, but Groudon pins him to the ground before he can get to her. Courtney claims that they failed, but she isn't surprised as she wasn't chosen by the Orbs. Suddenly, Courtney, Groudon, and Kyogre, notice a figure in the sky quickly approaching them. The figure is revealed to be Rayquaza, which flies over Sootopolis.
    • When Ruby asks what Pokémon it is, Courtney reveals that Rayquaza is the third ancient Pokémon of Hoenn that is rarely talked about. Rayquaza immediately begins battle with its fellow ancient Pokémon, surprising Ruby. Courtney, in her mind, reveals that she noticed a figure on top of Rayquaza's head earlier.
  • Round 262, It All Ends Now III
    • Courtney tries to tell Ruby that his father, Norman, had arrived on top of Rayquaza. The collective roars of Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza drowns out Courtney's voice, which prevents Ruby from hearing her. Courtney tries to pull Ruby close and tell him, but a tentacle shoots out of the Cave of Origin and drags her inside. Ruby and Mumu go inside the shrine to try and save her. A three-way attack from Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza causes a huge explosion, which breaks apart the Cave of Origin.
    • Ruby has Mumu try and move the debris, but Courtney tells Ruby to stop, as she can no longer move her legs. Courtney forces the Blue Orb out of her body and rolls it near Ruby. Courtney tells Ruby to face Kyogre and Groudon alone, as it's the end of the line for her. Ruby refuses and reveals that he wants to compete in a Pokémon Contest with her. When Courtney asks how he knew that she did Contests, Ruby remembers that when she burned a Ribbon back at Rusturf Tunnel, it couldn't possibly be his. Courtney flashes back to when she was younger and did Contests with Daisy Oak, which she guesses is why she has some affection for Ruby.
    • Courtney tries to tell Ruby about his father again, but the debris blocks her voice from reaching him. Instead, Courtney blows a bubble and covers it with Lansat and Starf Berry juice to increase the buoyancy and strength. She attaches her Memory Lighter to the bubble and sends it to Ruby. The battle between the three Pokémon causes more debris to fall, killing Courtney in the process, much to Ruby's horror.
    • Courtney's bubble balloon floats towards Ruby, who catches it. Ruby uses the light on a piece of paper, which comes out as an image of the Balance Badge. Ruby remembers Courtney's words, and notices that his father is standing on top of Rayquaza's head. As Courtney lies dying, she tells Ruby to bear witness to what she learned at the Mossdeep Space Center.
  • Round 263, It All Ends Now IV
    • As she lays dying, Courtney reveals that after her defeat at the Rusturf Tunnel she wanted to become Ruby's friend. Courtney reveals that in order to do this, she had to learn everything about Ruby, including that his father is the Gym Leader of the Petalburg Gym.
    • Courtney reveals that Norman didn't retake the test because he was banned from doing so for five years and was forced to look for Rayquaza, which he had lost. She states that the Pokémon Association Chairman intended to use Rayquaza to subdue Groudon and Kyogre. Ruby, learning that with Rayquaza and the Red and Blue Orbs he and Norman can stop Groudon and Kyogre, jumps on top of Rayquaza. Ruby, in his head, thanks Courtney for her help and considers them comrades from the start because of their love for Contests.
  • Round 265, It All Ends Now VI
    • Archie and Maxie loom over Ruby, who is being restrained by Archie's Tentacruel's tentacles. Ruby realizes that they were the ones who dragged Courtney into the Cave of Origin and to her death. Maxie and Archie confirm this, and claim that she deserved it, witch enrages Ruby.
  • Round 266, It All Ends Now VII
    • Ruby reveals that he doesn't know what the Pokémon he has is, as the Pokédex won't identify it, but he has had it ever since he came to Hoenn. Ruby opens the Poké Ball, and releases his sixth and final Pokémon, a Celebi. As Celebi flies past them, Ruby sees images of Courtney, Steven, and Norman, those who lost their lives in the final battle. Ruby and Sapphire begin floating into the air, while Celebi stays behind. Ruby and Sapphire suddenly wake up in the Pokémon Association's headquarters, where they are thanked by their friends and allies.
    • Ruby is shocked to see that Steven and Norman are alive, and sees Courtney flying past the airship as well. Courtney states that she feels like she had come back from the dead, and decides to take this second chance to pursue a life of Contests again. Ruby realizes that he had passed through a time slip and ended up in a slightly different future. Looking at Celebi's empty Poké Ball, Ruby guess that Celebi joined his team because it knew that all of this would happen.
    • Elsewhere, Courtney grows Berries in the blazing heat. As Ruby and Sapphire run back home, Ruby asks how well he groomed Sapphire's Pokémon. Sapphire, imitating Ruby, states that he did a beautiful job. As they run, the two exchange a wink at each other.

Emerald chapter

  • Courtney did not appear in this chapter but it is revealed that Ruby forgot that he and Sapphire confessed to each other. This suggests that Ruby might fall in love with someone else, like Courtney.

Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire chapter

  • PAORAS06
    • Ruby reveals he learned about Zinnia through Courtney's memory lighter, which means they seem to have stayed in touch.
  • PAORAS13
    • The new Courtney appears but this one is not link with Ruby at all.

In the games

In Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Courtney seems to be very interested in the player, without whom it is possible to know if it is by mere scientific curiosity, or by true affection.

Name origins

The name " Magmajewelshipping "comes from the Team Magma , the team Courtney belongs to and jewel to designate the ruby, which is a precious stone often associated with fire.

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