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Joined 23 August 2007
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About Me

Hello. I'm a mentally unstable person (Who isn't these days?) that just wants to help people find more information about Pokémon. Hope nobody minds my contributing to the cause. You can leave me comments or messages on my Talk page.


"There is no such thing as Zero."
"I can not confirm nor deny that allegation."
"A day where you learn nothing, is a day wasted."
"People lie, but the numbers never do."

History of Arthurisms
Arthur is my boss's boss. I've known the man for going on two years now. He has a unique way of looking at things and has really opened my mind to new ideas, or am I just confused?


Current Team


Items that I helped contribute to include:
And this means in no-which-way-shape-or-form that I am solely responsible for the items listed below. It just means that I helped contribute to them.


Numbered according to the National Dex.

  • #328 Trapinch - Game Locations & Learnset TMs & HMs.
  • #329 Vibrava - Game Locations & Learnset TMs & HMs.
  • #330 [[Flygon (Pokémon)|]] - Game Locations.
  • #333 Swablu - Game Locations.


Listed Alphabetically

  • Argy: Credit for the National Dex Checklist. (Please don't be mad that I'm using it too.)
  • Category:User tags: Without these, I wouldn't have those annoying boxes you see on the right hand side of your screen.
  • Fabu-Vinny:For the Pokémon Party table, although it's on several pages, yours is the one I pulled my copy from.
  • TTEchidna: For the help you've given me thus far (by pointing out the errors of my ways) and for hopefully more help in the future.