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and what is more random than a DANCING mawile!!!

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P.S. I downloaded all of the new pokemon photos for brawl if you want any tell me.

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Hey everyone else has one might as well jump on the boat before it leaves.





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kinda count each other out you would think?

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Netto-kun helped me make these

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(origional one he made)

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(theryguy512 just changed the photo)

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O.K. this video is awsome! it works too lv.1-lv.40 in about 8 hours without lifting a finger... great for training while asleep and at school...

I enjoy playing all Pokémon games I do not own a DS, but just use my brothers. I enjoy playing Pokémon Diamond and have seen 399!. Pokémon.

My favorite Pokémon is my Linoone nicknamed Discovory because she was origionaly used for my HMs. I caught Discovory at lv. 2 as a Zigzagoon and she is now a lv. 95 Linoone.

My starter pokémon for diamond was piplup. I'm not exactly sure why I chose him......maybe it was because he looked kinda cutish

At the moment I have 8 Manaphys (one is from toys r us) the rest are from GTS which is one of my favorite things to do in Pokemon.

My trainer card with the Pokémon.


I am offering these

FC is 1031 7706 2193

I can trade you these Pokémon for anything (including junk)note: I will need a day notice to breed them and whatnot.


and looking for

for those I will trade a celebi or Jirachi

Note: I do not aprove of hacks and the only cheat I DO aprove of is the copying glitches because that is internal while Action Replay is external.

Leftover junk

I have so many funny stories I might as well tell at least one. O.k so this one time I went to the card shop with my older brother. There are 2 of those paper holders that hold like what 30 packs. and poor little me with my pathetic three bucks says I'll get one. Of course this is after the fact my bro buys 100 dollers worth of cards. So he says to me (refering to the raikou on the front) you relize you won't get that right?. and I say yes I know. So I open it up and what do I find but


Another time when it was my B-day we went to a store and my bro got 3 packs. (note: this is right after that one commercial with the new rockets card has been playing for the new cards Team Rocket Returns) because it is my B-day he lets me choose one. So I choose a pack expecting to get absolute rubbish. I open it up and am extatic. the reason why is because I got this card

Rocket's Mewtwo ex (EX Team Rocket Returns 99)

oooo aaaaahh pretty case (yes I did scan this straight from MY card (after an edit) .... -_-)

And now for a highly cheesy thing I made up when I was half braindead staying home sick.

The underground is like this...

the fossils are the 2 icecream scoops...

the stones are the frozen solid parts...

the Secret Base is the bannana...

and the sphere is the cherry on top...

But add it all together and the underground is a bannana split.

Leaftover Junk......About Me!!!!!

  • I have a bad habit of chewing on things.
  • I am personaly aganst swearing and never swear.
  • I do NOT look like a geek of nerd or video game addict yet openly admit it.
  • I eat alot of food yet I look tiny and pathetic.
  • I love origami.
  • I am learning Japanese.
  • I play trumpet in band.
  • People say I am a realy good drawer yet I think my drawing sucks.
  • I am writing a graphic novel
  • I do not partake in organized sports
  • My fav author is Cornilia Funke
  • 4 letters A....D....H....D....
  • My brother is 12 years older than me and my sister is 15 years older than me.
  • Our 20 year old cat died this year..........
  • I have a laptop.....If a compaq LTE ELite 4/75CX counts
  • I have a Lv. 29 Tauren hunter hunter on WoW

Plus I coined the term wack a gnome (basicaly its like wack a mole exept with gnomes instead highly recomend it)