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My name is Bobby Kumar. I am 14 years old and have watched Pokémon since it's first day in Canada. I've seen just about every episode, including most of the banned episodes.


ever since Pokémon came out, I've strived to know everything about the show, be the best at the tcg and games. i even tried to send two Pokemon ideas , which seem to have many similarities to Darkrai and Cresselia, though very far off. their names were Nightmare and Revelion, the humanoid Pokemon.


I kinda made up this for the two and maybe send it to Pokemon USA for movie ideas. If anyone reads this, give me some feedback on [email protected]

Nightmare & Revelion

Past: About 5 years prior to the main Pokémon story, there was a rip in time between that time and a great Pokemon War centuries ago. two great priests controlled two Pokémon, Nightmare and Revelion, the embodiments of light and shadow. a war ensued between the two after an attack on one of the priests, supposedly caused by the other. the war split apart the civilization, causing a civil war. during the battle, the two Pokemon met. the attacks the two sent on each other caused a time rip, causing them to go into the future. they ended up in a location near Goldenrod City. too weak to fight, they both went into hiding. Nightmare used his power to go into the mind of a 2 year-old child in Goldenrod, Tommy Kania.

Present: 8 years later, Ash goes back to Johto on vacation with Ash's Pikachu, Misty and Brock in Goldenrod. they get there at about 8:30, so they decide to stay the night at the Pokémon Center. Team Rocket was keeping a close eye on Pikachu, while working at a rice ball stand. Earlier that day, Tommy, now an eight year-old boy, was playing in the National Park, when he starts to get a giant headache. the spirit of Nightmare residing within his brain was starting to regain power.

That night, a huge explosion was heard in the park. This caused Ash and Co. to wake up. Upon this they decide to investigate. this also caused Team Rocket to go. on arrival, they see Nightmare and Revelion, who had also healed, battle each other. An aura blast conjured by Revelion caused the Onlookers to go temporarily blind. Team Rocket got their sight back, and ran away before anything else happened. after Ash, Misty, Pikachu, and Brock, got their sight back, the first thing they saw was a crater, and in it, Tommy.

they all took Tommy to the Pokemon Center so they can find his house. in the morning, they took Tommy to his house, which happened to be very big. on the way, they asked him what he was doing there. he told them about having a headache and forgetting everything after that. He did, however, remember a voice in his head, saying something about taking over. after sending Tommy home and explaining to his mom, Ash and Co. call Professor Oak to ask about the two Pokemon seen at the park. after describing the two Pokemon to Oak. he told them about the Pokemon Civil War 700 years ago. During the war, they attacked each other, and seemingly disappeared.Ash was wondering if they could have come to the future somehow. Oak thought it was possible. What Ash wanted to know was what happened to Tommy?

while the heroes were talking to the professor, Team Rocket decided to capture the Ancient Pokemon, but couldn't as they were swamped at the Rice Ball Stand.

That night, Pikachu decided to do some investigating of his own. He sneaked off from the bedroom in the Center, to go to Tommy's house. when there, he saw Tommy, and he was talking to a shadow-like entity, Nightmare. it was trying to convince Tommy that Revelion was the enemy. Tommy Believed Nightmare, but just didn't want to fight, in fear of hurting others. Nightmare understood, as he had been roaming inside Tommy's mind for 6 years. Tommy hated to see anything hurt, as he had been attacked himself by a Scyther prior to the time warp incident.Team was also watching this, but for the first time, forgot about Pikachu.

The next Morning, Misty went to The Goldenrod Dept. Store. while there, she went to the top floor for some fresh air. when she got there, Revelion was there too, waiting for her. it snatched her up and started flying away. While Ash was taking a stroll outside, he saw Revelion take Misty. he and Pikachu started running after it, only to have Ash trip over a crack in the road. They went back to the Center to tell Brock. After getting him away from Nurse Joy, Ash told Brock what happened.

Brock had an idea that, since it saw Misty there, they would get it Nightmare. Upon hearing that, Pikachu started to run to Tommy's house. Ash and Brock followed him. though the window, they could see Tommy with Nightmare's shadow. They came in to question him, and told Tommy about Misty, but he just couldn't help, as he was now scared. at that moment, James and Meowth barge into Tommy's house. they needed help, as Revelion had captured Jessie. Even still, Tommy couldn't do it. After about 5 minutes, there was a crash in the kitchen. Revelion came to take Tommy's Mother, something it succeeded in doing.

This convinced Tommy. If they wanted Jesse, Misty, and Tommy's Mom, they would have to act. Tommy transformed into Nightmare, as Nightmare still had to live upon Tommy. they all went back to the park, which was now just a big crater in the ground, to face Revelion once again. once they met, they used the same attack they used 700 years ago. upon that, a startling thing happened. another rip in time opened, but it was more like a time window. from this, they learned the diabolical plan of the two priests (somehow they ended up with the same plan). using the life forces of Nightmare and Revelion to power a 'secret weapon', destroying the opposing force. obviously they wanted nothing to do with this. tired of fighting for those who considered them tools, Nightmare and Revelion had nothing against each other, and stopped fighting. They haven't been seen since.

Remember, i made this when i was nine (besides the ending).