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A Pokémon Bounty Hunter is an evil person who strives to acquire rare or strong Pokémon to sell them afterwards. Resorting to the usual Pokémon catching devices, a Pokémon Bounty Hunter isn't afraid of using real weapons, such as harmful gasses, blades or firearms, to freeze the Pokémon they want to capture, or to get rid of whatever opponents they find.

A Pokémon Bounty Hunter seldom has any feelings for their own Pokémon. Therefore, the promise to be awarded a reasonable amount of money for all of a Pokémon Bounty Hunter's party will make them lose the Pokéballs as fast as the buyer can find their wallet.

Pokémon Bounty Hunters live dangerously: some of them are too eager to turn their companions in for more money, which can make them vulnerable immediately afterwards.

Live by the money, die by the gun.

An unfortunate example. Status: dead.