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Joined 12 April 2010
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My name is Kerrick, and I'm a veteran Pokémon player. I played the TCG from the Base Set through Rocket, and the video games from Blue through Silver. I went on a Poké-hiatus until college, when I dug out my old Pokémon Gold game - to find its save battery dead! I bought a copy of Blue with a new battery installed, and played through it in a matter of days. Seeing that HeartGold was out upon visiting Bulbapedia, I decided to grab it. Since I'm a college kid now, I'm playing it like a numbers game: Selective breeding, egg moves, EV training, and more. It's a blast!

My Ideal Party

I'm currently working on building this party through careful breeding and EV training. I may never get the shiny Machamp and Steelix, though.