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Since I named a fair amount of Shippings, I compiled a list separate from my userpage. I wish I had a prettier template for this but they make my head hurt. Gray backgrounds mean the characters have not met in any known canon. Most of them are anime related. Note: Just because I named them doesn't mean I support all of them. I just like naming things.


♥ Characters ♥ Shipping name Name origin
    AirGuitarShipping From Air guitar. Homika plays the guitar and Skyla is all about air.
    AprilShowersBringMayFlowersShipping Named for the saying. Edmond has that rain theme while Flora's name comes from flower.
    BakajikaraShipping From the Japanese name of Superpower.
    BaoShipping From Pansear and Simisear's Japanese names, Baoppu and Baokkie.
    DigALittleDeeperShipping Named because they were disobedient to their Trainers but a bit of bonding helped the relationship get fixed, also because they're part Ground. And they know Dig I think.
    GekiShipping From their Pokémon's Japanese names, Dageki and Nageki.
    HeartsOfFuryShipping From the dub title of BW041, the episode in which they battled each other.
    HiyaShipping From Panpour and Simipour's Japanese names, Hiyappu and Hiyakkie.
    ImprovShipping From improvisation.
    InsectArtistShipping Taken from Burgh's title as "Premium Insect Artist". Both are artists and use Bug-types.
    KenGenShipping Derived from the acronym for Kenya Electricity Generating Company, the largest electricity manufacturer in Kenya.
    KickYourGrassShipping Taken from the What Kind of Pokémon Are You? song. Basically because they are the fiercest of Ash's Grass starters IMO.
    KodomoneShipping Derived from 子供 kodomo, which means "children", referring to Max's age and Iris's child-like innocence. Iris often uses this word to describe people who she thinks are acting immaturely.
    Mika'sComebackShipping Named as they are both voiced by Mika Kanai, who had not voiced any characters for a long time.
    MilosShipping From Milos Island, the island Lewis lives on and where Iris met him.
    NagShipping Derived from a joke that Montgomery made that Bianca thought was amusing.
    NoTasting4UShipping Named because Stephan interrupted Cilan's "Tasting Time" during their battle in the Clubsplosion.
    RainManShipping Named after Edmond's title as the Rain Man.
    SitrusShipping Named from the Sitrus Berry.
    WorthFightingForShipping Named because they fought hard for something in their debut episode.
    YanaShipping From Pansage and Simisage's Japanese names, Yanappu and Yanakkie.


I'll think of a different table for this later.

  • MonkeySiblingShipping - Cilan, Chili, Cress × Angus, Getty, Betty