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Joined 20 January 2008

Kasumi-chan is a 11 year old girl obsessed with Pokémon. She is a moderator on the sites Pokénergy and SSMCbase (please visit and register!)and a member on Pokémon Online and Serebii.Net Forums. She has 4 lv100's on Pokémon Diamond , and enjoys doing Sugi-style art, playing Pokémon games, making fakecards & fakemon, watching Pokémon Heroes over and over, and listening to Don't Say You Love Me and other Pokémon songs as soon as she gets back from school. At age 5 she was in the third final level at reading and is now beyond primary school reading levels. She lives in Scotland with her Pokémon-hating brother, her mother and her aunt, a famous writer of Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance.