About Me

Research & Development at ProjectPokemon


 - Revived Shiny Value exchanging with the KeySAV/KeyBV xorpad exploit.
 - Created PKHeX: save/pkm file editing support to bring together all generations of games.
 - Created PKHeX Legality: checking code library for validating pkm data and flagging hacked/modified entities.
 - Created pk3DS for 3DS game data editing & randomization.

Random Number Generation

 - RNG Abuse for NDS/GBA Games
 - Leading breakthroughs in XD/C RNG [1] with help from OmegaDonut
   - First person internationally to abuse the RNG on Pokemon GameCube side-series
   - Proved the anti-shiny mechanism in XD, fleshed out the shiny 'glitch' in Colosseum, and figured out the & gender/nature lock mechanism
     - With help from maxg/xfr of PokeCheck, proved AGETO Celebi -> GC can not be shiny.
 - WISHMKR generation routine explained with help of Sabresite and loadingNOW, proving they can be shiny.

Cheat Codes for B/W

 - Creator of the Background Mod codes for Battle Video playback (ultimately as flavor for YouTube recording) [2]
 - Creator of the Memory Check codes in which certain locations can be read back in game via the trainer card.


 - Created PKHeX (Save Editor) and pk3DS (3DS ROM Editor)
 - First person to abuse the PRNG the game uses to conduct battles in Gen5. Information is not public to prevent nefarious use [3]
 - Fastest TAS playthrough of B/W