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Kai Yagami

Joined 14 August 2007
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General Info

Kai Yagami is a student in California, and she has liked Pokémon, since she was younger. Kai can often be found at home in front of her computer,at school, or at a video game store. She currently is obssessed with the Gym Leader Roark. She is also often seen replaying recorded episodes of Pokémon.

Roark the best Gym Leader ever♥
She plays Pokemon Diamond. Leaf Green and Ruby exccesively, as well as many of her other games.

Kai's favorite chacter in Pokemon currently is Dawn, can often be seen fangirling over her. Her favorite episode is the Flaoroma Town sontest episodes.

Her favorite Pokémon is Piplup and Umbreon. Her other favorites include Manaphy, Darkrai, Mew, and Jirachi.


Kai's often found fangirling over Roark, as stated above, Dawn,Riley, and Gary Oak Her obssession with Dawn knows no bounds, and Kai could be seen squealing like a deranged fangirl, during the Floaroma Contest.

Kai has seen the episodes Roark has appeared in, and wishes that he'd gotten more of a role in the Diamond and Pearl saga.

She awaits Riley's arrival in Diamond and Pearl.

She just recently became a fan of Gary despite his being a long time, recurring character.

She also is a Fan of Ritchie, but not notably.

Dawn And Buneary
She Ships:

Contest Shipping She supports this for many reasons, the most obvious of them being that,"They look good together." Kai believes this is also a super obvious couple, due to it being hinted at in the series.

PokéShipping Kai Ships, Pokéshipping for the same reasons as Contest Shipping.

RocketShipping Same as the above two.

Goals in Pokemon

Kai is always playing Pokemon Diamond or Pearl, so she has many goals in the game. Here they are.

Complete the Pokedex Done! Including Japanese event Darkrai, missing Arceus and Shaymin

Have one of every pokemon Done.!

Get all Pokemon to level 100 Working on.

Defeat elite four of Sinnoh 100 times. Working on.

Get a pokemon from every country.! Working on

Catch/obtained a shiny version of EVERY POKEMON Working on, stored in Pearl data.

Those are my current goals. My shinies are: Poochyena,Fearow,Rayquaza,Metagross.