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About Me

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kinda with it

JOLTAEX is what a lot of people call me, so...yeah.

Mostly I help out around Bulbapedia by doing random things—sometimes I might upload missing pictures and place them in an article, sometimes I might (try to) add a shipping hint if it's not opinionated, and sometimes I do other stuff, like fix grammatical errors and such. It just depends on how I'm feeling that day, I guess. I spend a lot of my time watching Pokemon—mainly the Advanced Generation series—and listening to music. Other than that, the usual: school, homework, etc. I'm in eighth grade, and I have a lot of homework, so I usually don't get that much time to edit.

Random Things That You Probably Don't Care About

  • I'm very liberal. Pro-choice, pro-marriage-equality, pro-equality...
  • My favorite shipping is SapphirePearlShipping, but I also like others such as AdvanceShipping, as well
  • *lesbian alert blares* "WARNING: THIS USER IS HOMOSEXUAL"
  • I really, really love Pokemon
  • My favorite animals are Crows, and my second favorite are Ravens
  • I either want to live in a big city (NYC), or a quiet forest someday. Leaning towards New York, though
  • I listen to music all the time, and my favorite singer is Katy Perry

I'm not going to bother inputting my teams here. They change all the time. I will say, though, that my favorite types are Electric and Flying, leaning towards Electric.