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Welcome to the Ruining A Game For Kids Portal!
Welcome to the Ruining A Game For Kids Portal! This portal serves as a guide to Jioruji Derako's amazing talents within the games known collectively as Pokémon, and his insatiable desire to make them entirely un-fun for all children who oppose him and his team.
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  • Jioruji Derako intends to train a new metagame team, which he will then use in combat with small children who haven't yet acquired the National Pokédex.
Extra Box
Jioruji Derako is a user, a man, and a legend.

On Bulbapedia, he contributes largely to the site's policies and rules enforcement, as well as designing new features and styles, this test-of-concept Portal page being a prime example.

For fun, Jioruji Derako also enjoys crushing the hopes and dreams of small children and senior citizens alike, showing no mercy as he battles his way to the top using his soul-destroying Pokémon team of doom.

Jioruji Derako also enjoys people who help him out by contributing opinions, suggestions, and hard code for this Portal test.

He would also like to mention that this particular Portal is filled with information about himself only to demonstrate how a finished Portal might look. When completed, the actual Portals will each be centered around large subjects within the Pokémon franchise, such as the games, anime, manga, TCG, TFG, and so on. In the meantime, you may continue to use this particular demo Portal to learn more about everyone's favorite Bulbapedia staff member, Jioruji Derako.

Getting Involved
Jioruji Derako doesn't have his own official Bulbapedia project yet, but you can help him out by getting involved on his talk page, on this page's talk page, or on the forums. He currently needs help fleshing out this Project page design.