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I first discovered Pokémon in mid 1998 when I found a poster of the original 150 in a magazine, and was completely fascinated with the creatures. It was a couple of months later when I watched my first episode, Challenge of the Samurai. With that episode alone, I fell in love with Pokémon and a little while later got my first game Blue. When the Orange Islands saga was first showing on UK television, I started to delve into fanfiction, and evantually signed up on In the long wait between second and third generation games, and due to me not discovering fandom yet, I fell out of Pokémon for a little while, however I still watched the anime. Evantually Ruby and Sapphire came out, and I fell in love with Pokémon all over again. I chose Treecko as my starter. I love most of the Hoenn Pokémon, but my top favourites are Sceptile and Milotic. Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald are some of my favourite games in the Pokémon series, and I hate how they are seen as the sort of 'black sheep' of the main games.

It was around this time that I started discovering the main Pokémon fandom. Despite this I never signed up on any forums, or never even really spoke with anyone from the fandom, choosing to lurk around the forums instead. Finally in 2006, with Diamond and Pearl were nearing release, I kept up with all the new info on Serebii, and bought the Japanese version of Pearl when it was released. I choose Piplup as my starter and went blindly through the game, evantually getting so lost that I begrudgingly went and found a walk through for the rest of the game. As with Hoenn, I love most of the Sinnoh Pokémon, but my top favourites are Shaymin, Togekiss and Porygon-Z. I also fell back in love with the anime recently, thanks to Dawn and the awesome Diamond and Pearl series. My favourite manga is Pokémon DP.

I registered here on Bulbapedia in January 2008. I mostly work on manga related articles, although I will touch on and upload images for other articles if needed.

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