My name is Jeff. Within the Pokémon community I also go by Pokémaster Jeff. I live on both Kent Island, Maryland and The PokéMasters forums. My interests include video games, particularly Mario, Zelda, and Pokémon (duh) as well as software and web development.

You can find me at TPMf or the Bulbagarden forums. I'm also a (currently inactive) member of Wikipedia (as Jeff02). Links to my profiles at other sites are at the bottom of this page.

Also, since 2008, I've been working on The PokéMasters website. Here's a little secret I'll share with you just for visiting my user page here. Go to the TPM main site and enter the famous Konami code for a little surprsie. Use H or W where you would normally push start in the normal Konami code.

How I'm Helping Bulbapedia

Alot of my contributions have had to do with fansite articles; I created the PokéMasters forums article and contribute to others. I've also tried to clean up any messy article I can find to get it to follow the general standard.

Profiles at Other Sites